API Design Pioneer announces Apiary for Enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Apiary, developers of the leading platform for the API design lifecycle, today announced the launch of Apiary for Enterprise an offering that helps organizations build uniform APIs across development teams.

With enterprise software development becoming increasingly distributed, consistent API design both within an organization and as a bridge to the outside world has never been more important. Apiary for Enterprise lets teams codify API style guides, automate design monitoring and continuously sync API signatures across the platform.

"With over 100,000 APIs and thousands of development teams using Apiary, including companies such as Akamai and Microsoft, we are delighted to extend the capabilities of our API design lifecycle platform to support the requirements of enterprise API initiatives," said Apiary CEO and founder, Jakub Nesetril.

"Apiary is already an integral part of our API development process," said Kris Chant, API Product Manager at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a Salesforce.com [SFDC] company. "With this new offering, Apiary is enabling us to codify our API style guide. This will provide real-time feedback to our designers when they create an invalid API specification, saving us a tremendous amount of time and frustration, and ultimately providing our API consumers with a better, more consistent experience of our APIs."

"We have an oversight committee dedicated to ensuring a quality experience for the developers who consume our APIs," said Robert Crooks, Director of Learning Services at Brightcove [BCOV]. "Until now, we had no tools that provided a view across all of the APIs in our organization. With Apiary we get a level of visibility coupled with automated validation that APIs conform to the standards we have internally adopted."

Apiary for Enterprise builds on Apiary's existing toolchain by adding support for API design assertions, creating a developer-friendly, JavaScript-based language for evaluating API Blueprints. To bootstrap API style guide efforts, Apiary provides a library of API design assertions derived from the API style guides and best practices drawn from a diverse range of customers. Moving forward, the company intends to encourage sharing and community around the API design assertion language, with the goal of making it easy for enterprises to rapidly adopt industry best practices, while encouraging broad interoperability among APIs and applications.

"Introducing 'architect' capabilities in Apiary for Enterprise allows API owners to guide and verify API design best practices in an easy and intuitive way," said Jason M. Sherman, Founder, API Craft NYC and Director of Engineering at XO Group, Inc. [XOXO] . "Apiary's API design assertion language is a great step forward in the discipline of API design, and it promises to vastly improve the API design lifecycle."<

"Building, documenting, and maintaining developer-friendly APIs is critically important. While a member of the Heavybit program, Apiary has test-driven its enterprise offering with a number of Fortune 500 companies," said Heavybit founder James Lindenbaum, "Today's public release brings the power of API Blueprint to organizations that need it most."

Apiary for Enterprise delivers enterprise-grade reliability and SLAs, premium support options, and enhanced integrations, including support for on-premise installations of Github Enterprise.

Apiary for Enterprise is immediately available. Existing customers can seamlessly upgrade from existing plans with no downtime or migration effort. For more information on features and pricing, see http://enterprise.apiary.io.

About Apiary: Apiary, Inc. is a US company founded originally in the Czech Republic in 2010. Apiary is the developer of the leading platform for the API design lifecycle, and is the sponsor of API Blueprint, an open-source markdown language for describing APIs. More APIs are written in API Blueprint than in any other API description language. Apiary's offerings include Apiary for Teams, Apiary for Teams: Premium, and Apiary for Enterprise. For more information, see http://enterprise.apiary.io.

Michael Ratkevic

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