Trend Forecasters Fear Trend Fatigue

Trend Forecasters Fear Trend Fatigue

Trendy clothing at affordable prices have become readily available because of stores like Zara, H&M and Forever21 that have flooded the market.  But their success over the past decade may be at a decline.

Bloomberg Businessweek ran an article last week citing "fast fashion fatigue," and quoting two industry experts.  These experts claim that the era of disposable fashion is drawing to a close.

"There's a whole vast sector of the public that really has been burned out by fast fashion and the novelty and is just very exhausted," said one trend forecaster.

A retail consultant they spoke with agreed, saying, "American culture has been 'Give me more for less,' and I do think that's shifting... Quality is beginning to trump quantity."

Business Week couldn't cite a fast fashion company whose sales have suffered by the "backlash," but they did talk to industry heavyweights about strategy.

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