Fashion Designer Axeljordan Launches Website

Fashion Designer Axeljordan Launches Website

Introducing SHANE by AxelJordan; a contemporary online destination where designers, creators, and artists alike can collaborate in an open space of creativity. Delving into themes including clothing, jewelry, lifestyle and trends, SHANEbyAxelJordan serves as an epicenter for all things creative! Visit

The man behind the brand is AxelJordan, who in addition to his chic fashion sense is an uncompromising singer, songwriter and performer as well. Born in Brooklyn and currently spending time bi coast-ally between LA and NYC, AxelJordan really started to make a name for himself with the release of his first album in the summer of 2013 and has been steadily gaining worldwide recognition as a musician, model and clothing designer in all forms of media, since then.

Merchandise sold on the site includes custom hats and clothing which can be tailored to each client's individual style and taste. Allowing creative minds to come together and shine in their entrepreneurial spirit, SHANEbyAxelJordan is the go-to online and e-commerce site for those who want to set themselves apart from the rest.

AxelJordan's passion for the creative industries and connections with creative individuals led to the launch of the site. The brand will also be hosting numerous non-profit events with music programs for urban city youth such as Music Unite and much, much more.

Incorporating street style inspiration and a modern aesthetic, AxelJordan and SHANE serve as a palette for artists, fashion lovers and designers, and musicians to combine forces and get inspired.