D.R.E. Entertainment Closes Fiscal Year with Strong Earnings

D.R.E. Entertainment Closes Fiscal Year with Strong Earnings

Andre Smith CEO of DaRealEst D.R.E. Entertainment announcEd Strong fiscal earnings for his entertainment division and launches a lifestyle division around clients from professional athletes to well known musicians.

CEOs pick Saltmine Recording Oasis, the Top Recording Destination in the United States according to Mahvrick Networks, to discuss the future of Juice McCain and a partnership with 
CEO Chris Valenzuela Shark On Land Entertainment who represents Lil Zay. Juice McCain recently teamed up with mega multi-platinum music producer Michael Lynn to work in Juice's major debut album which was recorded at the Saltmine Recording Oasis and engineered by award winning producer Justin Salter. Juice has performed on world tours and has done a commercial for vitamin water. Juice is also making appearances on 2Chainz West Coast Tour.

During the meeting Mahvrick dialed in Captain of Beats by the Pound Carlos Stephens producer of the Lil Romeo songs during his RIAA multi-platinum and Billboard chart breaking years. Known as CLos Beats, Carlos has over 75 million records sold (and counting). Beats by the Pound were instrumental to the success of a independent record label under Priority Records that generated 247 million in revenue in one fiscal year. "We are organizing with companies and producers in a national level. We also teamed up with Mahvrick to dominate the Internet," says Andre Smith. DaRealEst D.R.E. Entertainment Is considered a major independent even though it's artists are signed in to major projects.