& Other Stories Signage Is Up in Soho

& Other Stories Signage Is Up in Soho

H&M's sister brand, & Other Stories, announced in March that it was hopping the pond to NYC and now the signage is up at it's location at 575 Broadway in Soho! The store is slated to open by the end of the year, most likely after H&M's other sister label, COS, opens on Spring Street.

& Other Stories will offer women, with a love for fashion, the chance to browse through a wide and diverse selection of shoes, bags, jewellery, beauty and ready-to-wear. Also available for all U.S. based shoppers via stories.com.

"We dreamt about opening a store in New York when we launched & Other Stories in 2013. Finding this great Soho location and being able to make that dream come true so soon after our launch in Europe is fantastic. Can't wait to start sharing our stories and meet our US customers, both in our store and on
stories.com", says Samuel Fernström, CEO of & Other Stories.

"A big part of our diversity comes from having ateliers in both Paris and Stockholm, but also from the idea of building our collections around four different directions that includes everything from tailored innovative pieces and quirky bohemian-inspired styles to flattering feminine silhouettes and rougher elements for that effortless look. The directions may change and evolve as we grow but always ensure our broad mix of styles and provide our customers with endless styling choices", says Anna Teurnell, Head of Design, & Other Stories.

For U.S. based customers who can't make it to New York, the online store at www.stories.com - filled with inspiration, styling tips and glimpses from their atelier - will launch in the United States before the end of 2014.

& Other Stories was launched in March 2013 and offers women a wide range of shoes, bags, accessories, beauty and ready-to-wear. Atelier in Paris and Stockholm design the diversified fashion collections with great attention to detail and quality at an affordable price point. & Other Stories stores can be found in Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Paris and Stockholm, along with the online store at stories.com available
in 12 European countries.

& Other Stories shares their stories through the following

Facebook: www.facebook.com/andotherstories
Twitter: www.twitter.com/andotherstories
YouTube: www.youtube.com/andotherstories
Newsletter: http://www.stories.com/Static_Stories/NewsLetter
Tumblr: and-other-stories.tumblr.com
Instagram: @andotherstories