PERSOL MAGNIFICENT OBSESSIONS Opens 6/14 at Museum of the Moving Image


PERSOL MAGNIFICENT OBSESSIONS: 30 stories of craftsmanship in film, a three-year exhibition series presented by Persol, celebrates stories of obsessive workmanship behind some of cinema's most iconic and compelling on-screen moments. The second installment of the exhibit will be on view from June 14 through August 19 at Museum of the Moving Image and will explore the work of ten esteemed filmmakers, designers, and technicians through a presentation of rarely seen props and costumes, behind-the-scenes research notes, sketches, video interviews, and materials used in the pre-production process.

The opening event, presented by Persol at the Museum on Wednesday, June 13 (by invitation only) will honor director Todd Haynes (Far from Heaven) and costume designer AriAnne Phillips (W.E.), both of whom are featured in the exhibition. In addition to Haynes and Phillips, the artists celebrated will include actor and director Ed Harris (Pollock), actress Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby), director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amélie), cinematographer Vittorio Storaro (The Last Emperor), director Alfred Hitchcock (North by Northwest), production designer Dean Tavoularis (One from the Heart), special effects supervisor and technical innovator Douglas Trumbull (2001: A Space Odyssey), and composer Ennio Morricone (on his collaborations with director Sergio Leone).

The exhibition explores the many steps-from an actor's immersion in character research to the precise detailing of a costume designer-that go into creating an iconic film. Among the objects on exhibit will be paintings created by Ed Harris in character as Jackson Pollock, costumes designed by AriAnne Phillips for W.E., and storyboards by Alfred Hitchcock that map all the camera angles in the iconic crop-dusting scene in North by Northwest. All will be on view in the Museum's 4,000 square-foot exhibitions gallery.

Curator Michael Connor stated, "The film artists featured in PERSOL MAGNIFICENT OBSESSIONS: 30 stories of craftsmanship in film represent disparate genres and styles, but they are united by their fierce passion, artistic integrity, and commitment to excellence. This exhibition pays tribute to their work and to the ineffable human drive to create-the magnificent obsession at the heart of cinema itself."

"We are proud to partner with Persol by serving as the host venue for this new and expanded edition ofPERSOL MAGNIFICENT OBSESSIONS: 30 stories of craftsmanship in film," said Carl Goodman, the Museum's Executive Director. "With its focus on the vision and perseverance of our most inventive filmmakers and their collaborators, the exhibition illuminates the creative process and attention to detail that is central to filmmaking as an art form. We value the opportunity to showcase them and their stories to the many thousands of visitors of all ages who visit the Museum each year."

"The exhibition takes inspiration from Persol's handcrafted 30-step process that is synonymous with the steps taken to deliver great filmmaking. The exhibition is hosted by Museum of the Moving Image, the ideal venue given its dedication to the art of the moving image. It is truly a pleasure to be partnering with the Museum," commented Chiara Bernardi, Persol Brand Director.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Museum will also present a special tenth anniversary screening of Far from Heaven with Todd Haynes in person on Thursday, June 14th (open to the public) as well as additional special screenings.