AnnaKustera Gallery Presents NEVER EVER EVERLAND thru June 9


AnnaKustera Presents Never Ever EverLand, curated by Natalie Kovacs through June 9th.

Artists for the exhibit include: Acconci Studio, Alexander Gorlin, assume vivid astro focus, Atelier van Lieshout, Blair Chivers, BoyfriendGirlfriend, Daphane Park, Greg Allen-Müller, Jason Gringler, Jen DeNike, Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins, Joe Kay, Jovana Popic, Lita Albuquerque, Lola Schnabel, Mollie McKinley, Nick Goss, Noam Gonick, Peter Fend & Jenny Holzer, Rob Carter, Troika.

In 2009, curator Natalie Kovacs hosted a slumber party close to the Messe, a sculpture park in Basel, Switzerland. The exhibition was titled "Never Everland," a reference to the Neverland Ranch, the home of the American entertainer Michael Jackson, which had just gone into foreclosure. It was a spoof on the rise and fall of the financial market and the collateral crash of the art market, using the pop icon and the threat to his legacy posed by allegations of sexual abuse as a proxy for the lunacy of the way we live.

Life is a remix, and so is this show. In "Never Ever Everland," Kovacs joins artists in an excursion into yet another parallel universe, one in which the roles of children and adults are reversed, the familiar is pitted against the mystifying, and the intimate unfolds into the sublime. Marinating in fun, occasionally dark and quizzical themes, the work of twenty-three artists are shown together, turning the would-be serious context into a playground. A kaleidoscopic vision converges with the quotidian and the dyspeptic to create a window into a landscape of sensory delights.