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FLASH SPECIAL: ONE NIGHT STAND Gets On Its Feet, Featuring Four Familiar Faces

Today we are highlighting ONE NIGHT STAND, a riveting new documentary tracing the creation of a handful of original musicals over an impossibly short 24-hours as part of the 24-HOUR MUSICALS celebration - from collaborators meeting for the first time, through to conception, creation, casting, execution and actual onstage enacting before a live, paying audience, featuring a seriously talented assortment of Broadway and Hollywood stars. From gifted behind-the-scenes creatives such as A CHRISTMAS STORY composers Benj Pasek & Justin Paul, as well as recent InDepth InterView participant Lance Horne and directors Trip Cullman and Sam Gold, to Broadway and West End onstage talent like Cheyenne Jackson, Mandy Gonzalez, Nellie McKay, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Roger Bart, Richard Kind, Rachel Dratch, Tamara Tunie, Michael Longoria and many more, ONE NIGHT STAND offers a rare glimpse into a world many of us may be intrigued by, but upon which little light has ever been shone - that is, until now. Tracing the creation of these musicals from the ground up over such a short, intense period of time, especially with all of the accompanying exhilaration, exhaustion and excitement generated by and experienced by those involved once the shows are up on their feet, mere hours later - whether or not they are really ready to be - is a uniquely compelling conceit on which to center a documentary film and ONE NIGHT STAND is a truly tremendous accomplishment in that regard.

Over the course of the briskly-paced endeavor, we are taken right inside the minds of the music makers, into the hearts of the stories and their characters as they are being created and into the souls of the actors playing the roles as they all strive to make magic happen under a deadline, which is certainly no easy feat in any field, let alone perhaps the most difficult to craft of all of the creative arts, musical theatre. Indeed, ONE NIGHT STAND stands on its own as a thoroughly engaging and ultimately richly rewarding viewing experience for fans of theatre as well as anyone interested in viewing unbelievably talented craftsman create instant art before our very eyes, with true triple-threat talent employed to enact and act it all.

ONE NIGHT STAND plays in select cities nationwide on Wednesday, January 30, at participating Fathom-equipped movie theater locations.

More information on ONE NIGHT STAND is available here.

Also, don't miss InDepth InterView: Mandy Gonzalez for even more on ONE NIGHT STAND as well as her own illustrious career, available here!

One Night Only

Kicking off our clip collection, first up, here is the trailer for ONE NIGHT STAND.

So, let's focus our gaze on four especially familiar faces to Broadway babies who all play a pivotal role in the drama, comedy and artistry that is on ample display in ONE NIGHT STAND, which undoubtedly is an illuminating and entertaining slice of theatrical life like none other - Mandy Gonzalez, Cheyenne Jackson, Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Roger Bart!

Mandy Gonzalez

From her astonishing Broadway debut in the epic DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES to her creation of a central role in Lin-Manuel Miranda's multi-Tony Award-winning masterpiece IN THE HEIGHTS to her fondly remembered replacement work in Elton John & Tim Rice's AIDA and the mega-successful Oz-themed Stephen Schwartz musical WICKED to her lesser-known work in the Off-Broadway Laura Nyro revue ELI'S COMIN' and far beyond, Mandy Gonzalez is one of Broadway's top-tier talents and ONE NIGHT STAND is an excellent showcase for her many abilities, most of all her distinctive and powerful instrument - her stunning audition with Whitney Houston's THE BODYGUARD classic "Queen Of The Night" is one of the highlights of the spectacular documentary.

See and hear Mandy make magic out of Jim Steinman's eternal "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", which she originally sang in DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES with Michael Crawford, live.

Next, sample what a Mandy Gonzalez EVITA would sound like with this thrilling "Rainbow High" from a live Sirius/XM concert.

Get a glimpse of Mandy Gonzalez's turn in WICKED as the green-faced Elphaba with this winning "The Wizard & I" from BROADWAY ON BROADWAY 2010.

Lastly, Mandy makes a major mark in musical theatre history with her role in Lin-Manuel Miranda's revolutionary rap musical IN THE HEIGHTS.

Cheyenne Jackson

From his debut as the Elvis-esque protagonist of ALL SHOOK UP through to his memorable turns in XANADU, FINIAN'S RAINBOW and his own solo concerts, Cheyenne Jackson has proven his fierce theatrical abilities time and time again on the Great White Way, yet his crossover success in properties like GLEE and 30 ROCK act as clear-cut proof that the most talented of the bunch can still rise to the top ranks of showbiz - and ONE NIGHT STAND gives him the opportunity to bring all he's got all the way to the world's stage, up on the big screen.

Cheyenne scored with the musical theatre standard "Old Devil Moon" in the most recent revival of the musical theatre chestnut FINIAN'S RAINBOW.

At the 2008 Tony Awards, Cheyenne skated away with the hearts of many thanks to his stupendous XANADU performance.

Tina Fey's multi-award-winning 30 ROCK has featured Cheyenne in many episodes, but he is at his absolute best whenever sharing the screen with fellow crossover Broadway/Hollywood star Jane Krakowski. See this energetic vocal warm-up for a live 30 ROCK show below.

Having appeared on GLEE, 30 ROCK and even Larry David's CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM since his last Broadway bows, Cheyenne has proven he can clearly do it all - and does; even pop music. As evidence, here is the video for his catchy newest single, "Don't Wanna Know".

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Treasured Off-Broadway mainstay all the way to beloved Broadway star of THE 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE, Jesse Tyler Ferguson's recent ascent to the top ranks of TV comedy byway of his iconic role on the mega-hit ABC comedy MODERN FAMILY was quite predicable to those lucky enough to have caught him onstage in any of his many memorable roles over the years. Now, ONE NIGHT STAND is the ideal way to see him at his best, giving his rare brand of comedic flair to a tremendously funny hospital-themed mini-musical.

Jesse joins his MODERN FAMILY onscreen mate Eric Stonestreet in this guffaw-inducing specialty song from a WGA event.

Taking on Lady Gaga's "Alejandro", here is an inventive tongue-in-cheek reworking of the dance hit performed by Jesse with some help by Kenny Mellman.

Jesse gives his all to the classic Stephen Sondheim showstopper from COMPANY - a show which was another sensational Fathom event once upon a time, as a matter of fact - "Not Getting Married Today", with some help from fellow crossover stars Laura Benanti and Barrett Foa.

Joined by an all-star cast the likes of which we rarely see, now or ever, Jesse was a standout in Dustin Lance Black's landmark play all about Proposition 8, 8. View his performance below.

Roger Bart

Starring in both of Mel Brooks's Broadway musicals, THE PRODUCERS and YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, the latter of which he originated the lead role, is quite a leap from Snoopy in YOU'RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN (Tony Award notwithstanding) and the voice of Disney's HERCULES, yet such has been the wholly unique career trajectory thus far for Roger Bart. Additionally, besides his many Broadway turns, there is his ubiquitous presence on TV and in films, having appeared in an extensive arc on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES in addition to appearing in movies such as AMERICAN GANGSTER, THE STEPFORD WIVES and last year's remarkable EXCISION. Bart can do it all, but, when given the chance to share the stage with talent as titanic as that of Cheyenne Jackson and Jesse Tyler Fergusen, as in the case of ONE NIGHT STAND, the result can be combustible.

Roger Bart joins the rest of the original Broadway cast of THE PRODUCERS at the 2001 Tony Awards in a spellbinding performance medley from the record-breaking musical phenomenon.

See him share the screen with Nicole Kidman and Bette Midler in this funny clip from the 2004 remake of THE STEPFORD WIVES.

Roger Bart sings the emotive anthem "Go The Distance" from Disney's HERCULES below.

Lastly, here is Roger Bart singing the amusing "Roll In The Hay" with Broadway superstar Sutton Foster, from the original Broadway cast recording of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.

As a special bonus, enjoy this interesting Q&A with cast members from ONE NIGHT STAND - including Cheyenne Jackson, Richard Kind and Michael Longoria - in this footage from a July screening.

So, what is the most arresting aspect of ONE NIGHT STAND as it appears to you in preview? Is it the sterling assortment of talent involved, the chance to get a glimpse behind the curtain or the overall excitement inherent in the prospect of witnessing a handful of original musicals being constructed, created and performed live all within a 24-hour period of time? Whether all, one or none of those reasons are why it is worth a look for you, ONE NIGHT STAND is one of the most singular and exciting Broadway-based documentary films in years.

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