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George Will, ABC News; Cokie Roberts, ABC News; Ronald Brownstein, editorial director, The National Journal, ABC News contributor; Donna Brazile, ABC News contributor, Democratic strategist; Matthew Dowd, ABC News political analyst, political strategist

White House senior advisor David Plouffe and Romney campaign senior advisor Ed Gillespie discuss the final days of the 2012 presidential contest, including a look at the new numbers from the ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll, this Sunday on a special election edition of “This Week.” After nearly two years of campaigning, the 2012 Presidential election nears the finish line, as President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney crisscross the battleground states in their final push to Election Day. With the race still deadlocked, are the Romney campaign’s attempts to expand the electoral map a sign of momentum or desperation? What impact will President Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy have on the race for the White House? And as the campaigns dispute who has The Edge in the battlegrounds, who will be right on Election Day?

Plus, the “This Week” powerhouse roundtable gives its final take before Election Day, including their own election predictions, with ABC News’ George Will, Cokie Roberts, Donna Brazile, Matthew Dowd, and Ronald Brownstein of National Journal. As President Obama and Gov. Romney make their closing arguments this weekend, what is the current state of the race, and how will the key battleground states break on November 6? Will modest growth in Friday’s final jobs report sway any undecided voters? And with all signs pointing to a close race, when will we know the winner of the White House? The “This Week” powerhouse roundtable makes their final Election Day predictions.

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