Scoop: SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES on CBS - Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scoop: SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES on CBS - Wednesday, December 5, 2012"Shot into Smithereens" — During an emotional family reunion, an exciting reward challenge enables castaways to join forces with their loved ones. Meanwhile, at a secret meeting, an alliance devises a plan to get rid of their biggest threat, on SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES, Wednesday, Dec. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Castaways competing on SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES (in alphabetical order by tribe):

DANGRAYNE –Merged Tribe:

Malcolm Freberg

Abi-Maria Gomes

Jeff Kent (9th voted off, 2nd Jury member)

Jonathan Penner (12th voted off, 5th Jury member)

Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour (8th voted off, 1st Jury member)

Michael Skupin

Artis Silvester (10th voted off, 3rd Jury member)

Denise Stapley

Lisa Whelchel

Carter Williams

Peter “Pete” Yurkowski (11th voted off, 4th Jury member)


Sarah Dawson (6th voted off)

Katie Hanson (7th voted off)

Dana Lambert (Quit on 10/17, 5th off)


Zane Knight (1st voted off)

Angie Layton (3rd voted off)

Roxanne “Roxy” Morris (2nd voted off)

Russell Swan (4th voted off)

SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES is hosted by Emmy Award-winning host Jeff Probst and produced by SEG, Inc. Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst and David Burris are executive producers and Leisa Francis is co-executive producer.

Eighteen castaways  compete on SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES when the Emmy Award-winning series returned Wednesdays. Three of the 18 castaways are former players who were medically evacuated from the game and are returning to finish what they started. Fifteen castaways are new to the competition.

Surrounded by water, SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES will prominently feature marine-based challenges. For the first time in eight years, castaways will be divided into three tribes named after animals in the region: Kalabaw (“Water Buffalo”), Tandang (“Rooster”) and Matsing (“Monkey”). The tribes feature individuals from different backgrounds competing for the same ultimate goal: to be Sole Survivor.