Filming Begins for OMPHALOS Film


Noted writer-director Gabriel Judet-Weinshel started principal photography this week on his highly-anticipated sci-fi feature film OMPHALOS. The flick stars well-respected actor Edoardo Ballerini (Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos) who has been called, an "exciting New York actor on the rise." (,

OMPHALOS is being becoming somewhat of a phenomenon. It is a poster-child for the "Kickstarter Campaign" movement, that so many independent films attempt to use to help fund their projects. The OMPHALOS team set out to raise $10,000-to augment their "no budget" budget, and but has raised almost $15,000 so far. While the figure is almost ridiculously low by Hollywood studio standards, it can make all the difference for New York indie budgets. (

OMPHALOS tells the story of a detective (Ballerini) who discovers his own dead body. Ultimately he discovers seven different versions of himself. Filling a role that demands remarkable versatility, industry insiders are speculating whether this film will be a "break-out performance" for Ballerini. (

Written and helmed by Judet-Weinshel (, cited as "a cutting-edge, yet commercial" director, the film starts as an outwardly directed chase, that turns into a inwardly-looking journey. Following in the footsteps of Darren Aronofsky's indie classic "Pi," the flick also boasts the F/X Master Aidan Fraser (Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars) among its distinguished creative team. The film is being shot on 35mm/16mm film.