'Don't Stop Believin' to Encore on Tonight's GLEE

'Don't Stop Believin' to Encore on Tonight's GLEEThe song that started it all, Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' will be spotlighted once again on tonight's episode of GLEE. Lea Michele reveals to TVGuide.com that when her character Rachel starts to perform during her first Broadway audition, "she realizes that she's singing 'Don't Stop Believin',' and all the kids show up in her imagination to support her."

Adds series star Cory Monteith, "Nothing we've ever done has or will compare to that song. It's genius, bringing it back to the iconic number."

Concurs Jenna Ushkowitz, "We've done 'Don't Stop' on tour and on the show," Ushkowitz says, "but the way we did it this time was special. And it was cool because we never all get to work together."

On the episode titled 'Sweet Dreams', when the members of New Directions learn that the theme of this year's Regionals is "Dreams," everyone has his/her own opinion as to what they should sing. And the day has finally come for Rachel to audition for the Broadway revival of "Funny Girl." The episode, featuring Broadway vet Idina Menzel, airs tonight, Thursday, April 18 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.