BILLY BATES to Have Private Screening Hosted at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

BILLY BATES to Have Private Screening Hosted at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

A blend of conventional filmmaking and improvisational collaboration about an artist's journey, the new film BILLY BATES will have a private screening hosted at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday, April 19th at 7:00pm at the Tribeca Cinemas during the second night of the festival. Tribeca hosts private screenings each year and BILLY BATES will show as part of that ongoing tradition.

The film is written and directed by Jennifer DeLia and produced by Julie Pacino, who had this to say in a joint statement: "It's a great honor that Tribeca Film Festival has offered their support to us as filmmakers and given us a venue to exhibit our first feature film at home in New York. We are excited about the conversations surrounding the creative process and the fine-line between art and life. We look forward to finding the right distribution partner so that we can have all of these conversations on the broadest scale and potentially bridge the gap between art and commerce."

Besides the cast and crew – including writer/director Jennifer DeLia, producer Julie Pacino, actors James Wirt, Savannah Welch, and Sally Golan, the band The Little Death, and artist Burton Machen – those expected to attend include Damon Dash, Olivia Wilde, Julia Stiles, Heather Graham, Abel Ferrara, Michael Pitt, Brady Corbet, Andre Saraiva, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, with others to be announced.

Follow the screening, an after-party is scheduled at the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel where the band The Little Death, who perform on the film's soundtrack, will perform along with DJ Whoo Kid.

BILLY BATES is the story of a young enigmatic artist (played by James Wirt) who faces his demons and through perseverance rises from the ashes of a broken soul. The layers of Billy's psyche are explored through an extensive interview done in documentary fashion infused with the dark and provocative images from Billy's past and present. Through fragmented memories of underground parties, inside an insane asylum, and on his rise to becoming a famous contemporary artist, Billy takes us on a love story quest and journey to transcendence, all with the looming question: How important is it to know what is 'real?'

Photographer and street artist Burton Machen created seven main portraits that play as Billy's work in the film. Those portraits represent the actors and pivotal moments in the character's journey. These pieces were curated in a scene in the film next to real works by Andy Warhol, Basquiat, and Keith Haring at the Martin Lawrence Gallery in Soho. The pieces will be on display at the Boom Boom Room after the screening.

Burton recently collaborated with Shepard Fairey, featured artist in another Tribeca selection Let Fury Have The Hour, on a T-shirt line for OBEY. Burton's work, "Urban Evolution: Portraits Project," will run at the Hinoas Gallery from April 19-May 19. For more information, please visit

BILLY BATES is produced by Jennifer DeLia, Julie Pacino, Ron Stein, and Robert MacCready and written and directed by Jennifer DeLia, stars James Wirt, Savannah Welch, Margherita Missoni, and Joséphine de La Baume, with music by The Little Death, Arthur Russell, The Trishas, Hindi Zahra, DJ Distance, Sierra Swan, Ikibeat, and Sh*t From Hell. Christopher Stull's ("Sin City;" "Grindhouse") production design team produced an authentic 360-degree set for Billy. For more information, please Like the page on Facebook: