Shocker - iPad Market Share FALLS 7.1% Following Christmas

Chitika Insights has released a new report of post-holidays web traffic, after surveying a sample of hundreds of millions of smartphone and tablet impressions from the Chitika Ad network.

This study was drawn from a date range of December 1st to December 27th 2012, and only includes traffic from the U.S. and Canada. The (surprising) results can be seen below:

Shocker - iPad Market Share FALLS 7.1% Following Christmas

Among smartphones, the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III were the biggest winners of the holiday season, posting 1.1% and 1.0% gains in smartphone usage share, respectively. Samsung also extended its lead within the large-screen smartphone, or "phablet," market with share gains by its 5.5"Galaxy Note II, while competitor HTC saw no share gain for its 5" Droid DNA.

Perhaps the most interesting result of this study concerns the iPad. The tablet which brought the product category into the mainstream, Apple's product has long been the king of the market. However, this Christmas marked a serious diversification in tablet shares, with the iPad falling 7.1% in its share in the days after Christmas, from 86.0% to 78.9% following the holiday.

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