OMG Working Group Demonstrates Interchange Between BPMN Tools

OMG Working Group Demonstrates Interchange Between BPMN Tools The Object Management Group (OMG) is pleased to announce that its Business Process Model and Notation Model Interchange Working Group (BPMN MIWG) has successfully demonstrated the smooth interchange of models between tools that implement the BPMN standard.

The chained demonstration took place at OMG's quarterly technical meeting in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday, June 19th. The vendors who participated were: BoC Group, Signavio, Trisotech, Yaoqiang, and Camunda Services. Seven different tools from these vendors were involved in the demonstration.

“Not only is BPMN the most widely used business process modeling notation in the world, we have now clearly demonstrated that when properly implemented, BPMN interchange is possible for both process diagrams and executable processes,” said Denis Gagné, chair of BPMN MIWG and principal at Business Process Incubator.

“What has been accomplished is truly impressive,” said Dennis Wisnosky, Senior Advisor and Consultant at the EDM Council. “It is the answer to lossless data interchange between BPM tools that has been only a dream for decades.”

BPMN provides a graphical notation and precise model for specifying business processes. It has been an OMG-adopted standard since 2005.

BPMN MIWG is planning to hold another interchange demonstration at OMG's meeting in Reston, VA in March 2014. All parties interested in participating are encouraged to join. For more information, visit

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