New iPad Journal App, Quiller, Has 1000+ Thought-Prompts for Solving Writer's Block

New iPad Journal App, Quiller, Has 1000+ Thought-Prompts for Solving Writer's Block

Quiller, a new iPad daily journal app available on iTunes, rewrites the journaling experience by providing inspiring quotes and thought-provoking prompts written by experts to lead you into the world of journaling.

More than just a simple journal, this interactive app will take first timers and avid journalers to new heights in how they experience and impact the world around them.

"I developed Quiller in response to a need," says Amy Randolph, creator of Quiller. "Many people want to write about their lives but don't know how to get started or keep the momentum. Quiller is about accessing complex emotions that can be difficult to describe. Quiller provides direction, encouragement, even insight, to help users capture their experiences in ways that can have a healthy, productive impact on their lives."

Quiller's journaling features include:

  • Over 1,000 thought-prompts & quotes created by experts and experienced journalers
  • Side-by-side layout with turnable pages like a paper journal
  • 4 unique designs
  • Photo uploads to make experiences visual
  • Keyword tracking to find past entries
  • Facebook sharing
  • Downloads into PDF or TXT files
  • iCloud sync ability
  • Password protection

Quiller is available for purchase at the Apple App Store HERE for $1.99 and includes five writing categories and 200+ prompts with the initial purchase. Over 19 writing categories and 1,000 thought-prompts are available as additional downloads from iTunes. Visit the Quiller website for additional details

"The additional categories aren't just there to help journalers address a variety of life's challenges and personal growth opportunities," notes Randolph. "We want to put an end to writer's block once and for all."

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