New Fitness Startup MONKII Guarantees Results

You can think of MONKII as the "anti-gym." For this new fitness startup, selling you their product, monkii bars 2, isn't their number one goal. It's to inspire people to be active and adventurous.

When the MONKII founders were told by an experienced fitness industry insider who has sold millions of dollars in product that "most people don't even take it out of the package," they were angry. "It's insulting," said Jared Arp, Chief Napkin Sketcher at MONKII. "To think that a product is designed, manufactured, and shipped around the world, all while the company making it knows it won't get used, is not only irresponsible, it's just wrong on so many levels."

The team decided to start a fitness company with a different approach. MONKII designs fitness products to be used. "We don't use cheap materials like so many others, and we make our products in the USA," continued Jared. The company offers a "monkii-back guarantee" and will gladly refund a purchase and take back monkii bars if they aren't being used.

Their flagship product monkii bars 2 ships in packaging that specifically states: "Not included are guaranteed results, easy outcomes, or shortcuts to adventure." Unlike the status quo fitness industry, MONKII encourages its customers to live an active lifestyle instead of focusing on ripped abs and what the scale says. The community of "monkiis" has grown to over 10,000 strong, with new members joining everyday.

Although potential investors recently balked when they discovered that MONKII offers a DIY Guide on their website that shows you how to make their $149 product for $10, the company continues to thrive through bootstrapping. Over 10,000 monkiis have bought monkii bars, pushing company revenue over the $1.5 million mark in 2017.

When asked what MONKII is planning next, Jared bluntly stated, "The opposite of what everyone else is doing."