Kannuu Strips Away Search Frustration, Makes Finding Content on the REELZCHANNEL Naked Trailers App Fast, Easy and Fun

Kannuu Strips Away Search Frustration, Makes Finding Content on the REELZCHANNEL Naked Trailers App Fast, Easy and Fun

Kannuu Pty Ltd, a provider of search and discovery solutions for the Smart TV, and REELZCHANNEL-TV About Movies (reelz.com), the ultimate online destination for true movie fans, today announced at the 2013 International CES that REELZ has selected Kannuu as the exclusive search and discovery service for their popular Naked Trailers App on the Samsung SmartTV Platform.

The Naked Trailers app is based on the REELZCHANNEL TV show of the same name and features thousands of full-length, uncut trailers for movies in theaters, on TV, On Demand, Pay-Per-View, DVD, Blu-ray and even the latest video games. REELZCHANNEL reaches more than 64 million homes on Directv channel 238, DISH Network channel 299, Verizon FiOS TV channel 233, AT&T U-verse channels 799/1799HD and cable systems nationwide.

The Naked Trailers app featuring Kannuu search is free to download at the Samsung App store, the world's first HDTV-based app store.

Kannuu search seamlessly integrates with the REELZCHANNEL Naked Trailers application on the Samsung SmartTV and enables movie lovers to quickly and easily find the information and movie trailers they want using their standard remote control and the remote control directional arrows displayed on their SmartTV screen. Searching by title, actor, director, keyword or genre, consumers leverage Kannuu's intuitive interface and proprietary search algorithms to find the content they're looking for with just a few button presses.

Said Chief Operating Officer and SVP Digital at REELZCHANNEL Roger Eman, "Our Naked Trailers app on the Samsung SmartTV with enhanced search by Kannuu attests to our unwavering focus on providing a first-rate experience for our customers as they discover and Engage with our content on their Samsung SmartTV."

Said TDG analyst Collin Dixon, "Despite the proliferation of content creators and second screens, most consumers still prefer to watch video on the best display in the home: the large flat-screen TV in the living room. As the line between traditional broadcasting and streaming media continues to blur, and video content continues its exponential growth, improving the experience of searching for movies and TV programs in a smart TV environment becomes increasingly important. Kannuu eliminates the on-screen keyboard, a major stumbling block for consumers, by applying advanced search techniques and an intuitive interface that require virtually no learning curve from the user."

Kannuu CEO Todd Viegut said, "Making finding content on a Smart TV fast and easy is the surest way to attract and retain viewers who simply want to kick back and enjoy a good movie or their favorite TV show on their television. There's quite a bit of advanced technology powering the Kannuu search experience, but all consumers need to know is how to use their standard remote control - and not even all the buttons crammed onto remotes today, just the directional pad that's been the centerpiece of remotes for years. Who doesn't know how to use the directional arrows on their remote control? From grandparents to grade school children, people try Kannuu once, and they're hooked."

Viegut added, "We're excited to have Kannuu power search and discovery for the Naked Trailers app on the Samsung SmartTV, and we anticipate an enthusiastic response from device manufacturers, service providers, software companies and application developers as we ramp up our sales and marketing initiatives."

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