DPP Technologies and Goceram to Revolutionize the AM-based Production

DPP Technologies and Goceram to Revolutionize the AM-based Production Goceram AB, Molndal, Sweden, a supplier of machinery and technology for Medium Pressure PIM technology, has announced that it will establish strategic partnership with DPP Technologies, Inc., Gallatin, Tennessee, USA, a developer and supplier of a new generation of fast 3-D printers based on Direct Pellet Extrusion (DPE). With a layer resolution currently down to 70 micron (0,0027in), the DPP 3D printers are capable of printing any kind of pelletized or granulated media. This new technology brings a lot of dramatic improvements according to the DPP CEO Bill Roberson, particularly: much lower raw material cost, significantly increased production rate and a rapid start up of production.

“This is exactly what we have been waiting for,” stated Robert Pompe, CEO of Goceram, “to consider our expansion into the AM field, this can revolutionize the AM and bring it to a truly production level.” He stated further: “unlike feedstocks for high pressure PIM, ceramic or metal feedstocks based on our proprietary MEDPIMOLD® binder formulation can be easily used in this kind of printer – initial tests clearly showed this.”

By combining their respective technologies, DPP and Goceram expect to offer customers a radically improved competitive edge – in terms of considerably lower capital investment, low raw material cost and a vast choice of raw materials widely available from already well-established suppliers. Initial focus is intended to be on the US market where a lot of commercial opportunities should unfold that have until now been untapped due to the current technology limitations.

Websites: http://www.dpp3d.com and http://www.goceram.com