Celebrity Trainer Ilyse Baker Announces 'Dancinerate Pregnancy Edition'

Celebrity Trainer Ilyse Baker Announces 'Dancinerate Pregnancy Edition'

Celebrity Trainer Ilyse Baker Announces 'Dancinerate Pregnancy Edition'Ilyse Baker www.IlyseBaker.com is a celebrity fitness trainer, choreographer, creator of Dancinerate, AFAA certified, has a BA in Dance Performance and education, is a certified pre/post-natal coach and a new mom! Her personality is contagious and charismatic as is her enthusiasm for fitness and dance. While pregnant with her first child, Ilyse expanded her Dancinerate program to include safe and sassy dance exercises appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. Now available are 3 new streaming workouts in the Dancinerate: Pregnancy Edition. View online at: https://go.platformpurple.com/?e=ilysebakerdigital Titles include: Mommy Moves It: Cardio Dance Workout; Belly Bump Bounce: Hip Hop Dance Workout; and, Baby Mama Motion: Sassy Jazz Workout available at $24.99 for the bundle of 3 or $9.99 each.

Dancinerate Pregnancy Edition: Mommy Moves It (18 minutes, $9.99) is an easy-to-follow low impact cardio dance workout that moms can do during their entire pregnancy and even after the baby is born. Ilyse delivers a high energy program that focuses on safely improving strength and stamina to better prepare the body for the demands of labor and delivery. This workout can help ease lower back pain, reduce stress and improve mood, making one appreciate the power of dance, lose themselves in the music and movement, have fun and strut their stuff! Workout includes: Warmup, Cardio Follow along Routine and Cool Down.

Dancinerate Pregnancy Edition: Belly Bump Bounce (20 minutes, $9.99) is a Hip Hop choreographed dance workout that can be done during the entire pregnancy and beyond. This program is designed around Ilyse's signature hip hop moves. The routines are modified for pregnancy. There is no better time to stay strong, be cool and exude confidence. Ilyse takes viewers step by step through each movement. One need not be a dancer to get the benefits - but this workout just might make one feel as if they've achieved dancer status. Belly Bump Bounce can relieve pressure from the growing belly, help moms let loose and have some fun! This workout targets the lower body to build strength and stamina for delivery and encourages moms to embrace their sexy selves and get their funk on! Workout includes: Warmup, Instructional Hip Hop Dance Routine and Cool Down.<

Dancinerate Pregnancy Edition: Baby Mama Motion (22 minutes) is a Jazz choreographed dance workout designed as a reminder that one can be and feel sexy during pregnancy. Ilyse's signature Jazz moves can help lengthen muscles, improve posture, tighten and tone, and leave one feeling sexy and sassy. Ilyse emphasizes this is the time for moms to reach beyond their comfort zone, have fun and lose themselves in the movement as they express their inner sexy selves through dance. Workout includes: Warmup, Instructional Jazz Dance Routine and Cool Down.

About Ilyse Baker: Ilyse is a lead instructor for multiple global fitness brands including Weight Watchers, Wellbeats and QiClub. Based in Los Angeles, when not tending to newborn, Juliette, Ilyse travels the globe showing people the power of expressing themselves through dance movement. Her upbeat music and sexy Broadway dance style takes students on a journey to step out of their comfort zones and 'Dance like Nobody Is Watching, But Knowing That Everyone Is.' Her original 3 DVDs, Dancinerate®: Burn with the Beat, Dancinerate® Sassy Jazz and Hip Hop Fusion, and Your Sexy Everything: Booty, Legs & Thighs can be found on Amazon and www.ilysebaker.com Her branded line of women's tanks and tees that tout some of her favorite sayings like #YoullThankMELater and Leave It On the Dance Floor also are available on her website.

Connect with Ilyse socially: Facebook.com/ilysebakerdancinerate, IG and Twitter @ilysebaker youtube.com/ilysebaker