BOLD AND NAKED Yoga: Better in the Buff?

BOLD AND NAKED Yoga: Better in the Buff?

Practicing yoga in the nude may be new to some New Yorkers. Yet, since ancient times, yogis have been practicing their exercise and meditation traditions naked. Being completely comfortable with your body is vitally important to a healthy attitude; and naked yoga accomplishes this.

Monika Werner and Joschi Schwarz are co-owners of "Bold and Naked" on 23rd Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. We first met them in their stylish, welcoming studio in January of this year. Fitness has published several articles about this charming pair of professional yoga instructors. While their yoga studio has been in existence for 8 years, the "Bold and Naked" component has just been integrated in their class schedule for the past 18 months.

Werner and Schwarz are thoughtful about their practice; they have the backgrounds and expertise to bring the best possible instruction to their students. There are men's classes, women's classes and co-ed programs. Werner and Schwarz agree that Europeans may be more comfortable with nudity. Werner said that because "Bold and Naked" is about empowering people to feel good in their everyday lives, it will rapidly catch on in New York City. Schwartz pointed out that New York is a very hectic environment and that "Bold and Naked" is a relaxing opportunity for an individual to be in touch with their natural self.

We asked what is next for these dynamic professionals whose studio is getting more and more media recognition. Monika and Joschi are planning a "Bold and Naked" book that will be both instructional and visual. They envision a broader platform for their work to include corporate retreats and on-site visits. "The possibilities are endless" commented Schwarz. Both Schwarz and Werner agree that there is a growing interest in their program and it is not defined by one population. Women and men from all walks of life are being welcomed successfully to be "Bold and Naked."

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