Plus-Sized Blogs Making Big Impact

Plus-Sized Blogs Making Big Impact

Fashion can be intimidating.  It's common for women to look at fashion magazines and think "I could never wear that."  They think they don't have a model's body or they are afraid of trying something bold.  And the fashion industry has a reputation for being a little prickly towards anyone above a sample size.  But that's changing.  Today the New York Times profiled several plus-sized bloggers and asked about their success and influence in the fashion world.

One of the bloggers, Bethany Rutter, from London-based Arched Eyebrow told NYT that she often hears from girls who "say they never thought they could wear a jumpsuit or a bikini or printed trousers before, but after seeing me wearing one they gave it a go."

Plus-sized women, and women who are just a few sizes below that, are having a moment in the spotlight.  It wasn't so long ago that every TV show and movie was filled with waif-like actresses (Ally McBeal anyone?).  But now when you turn on the TV you see amazing role models like Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling, Melissa McCarthy, and performers like Christina Aguilera who have embraced their womanly curves.

Nadia Aboulhosn, 24, is a blogger and model from Harlem who, at a size 10-12, has posed for American Apparel and Seventeen magazine.  “Sometimes I see myself as a role model,” she said. “American women are size 10, 12, 14. I’m very relatable. People aren’t used to seeing the clothes on somebody with the curves I have. If you’re fashionable, you’re fashionable regardless of size.”

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