Keep Launches a New Way to Shop Online

Keep Launches a New Way to Shop Online

Keep ( launched a new way to shop for an audience wanting unique and creative items. Putting the power back in the hands of the people, the platform gives anyone, anywhere the chance to be a shopkeeper.

Keep’s merchandising strategy upends the way products are selected, presented and sold. At Keep, consumers with passion become the merchants – with all the web’s products at their disposal to review, collect and present to the Keep audience who hungers for point-of-view and differentiation.

Shoppers can browse Keep and enjoy an endless assortment of handpicked products, follow tastemakers, post their own discoveries…but most importantly – have an awesome shopping experience. Most image sharing websites do not connect products to purchase, but Keep does. Every item is available for sale, and is one-click away from the retailer for checkout and shipping.

Curators, with the help of the Keep It button - a bookmarklet that can be added to any browser’s toolbar in seconds - can collect images of purchasable products from across the web, no matter the merchant or brand. Curators create collections on Keep that are themed around their passions and product expertise, essentially selecting the best of the best from around the web into convenient consideration sets for shoppers.

“Keep aims to become the best storefront online as products are curated from any and every store across the web by an army of talent fueled by a power unmatched by any conventional merchandising method: the passion of real people,” states MaryAnn Bekkedahl, President of Keep Holdings. “Just as blogging unleashed the passion people have to create and share information, Keep provides a platform for those same instincts for those with passion for products.”

Since launching into alpha in August, Keepers have contributed over 12,000 products to the site, all carefully curated into collections themed around home décor, technology, fashion, kids, culinary tools, fitness, jewelry.

An exploration engine that allows shoppers to discover and purchase amazing products thanks to the passionate effort of tastemakers and friends, Keep is truly a new way to shop online.

For additional information on Keep, please contact Caryn Schoenbeck or Whitney Read of Skirt PR at cschoenbeck(at)skirtpr(dot)com/wread(at)skirtpr(dot)com or 773-661-0700.


About Keep 
Keep is a new e-commerce platform with a unique merchandising philosophy: real people with passion for product will be better merchants than traditional retailers with business restrictions dictating merchandise decisions. Keep is a shopping environment of unparalleled product mix aiming to appeal to those who seek individuality in a retail sea of sameness.

Keep launched into alpha in August 2012. Stay tuned for new features by keeping up with the Keep blog ( You can also see what we’re up to at any minute by signing up at, and following us on Twitter @keep, Pinterest at Keepdotcom and Facebook at keepcom.

Keep is owned by Keep Holdings – a company that focuses on advertising, commercial email and e-commerce with an emphasis on how the social web can bring brands and consumers together in newly productive ways. Successful Internet entrepreneur, Scott Kurnit, who also founded, is the CEO and Founder of Keep Holdings.