8&9 Clothing Releases Teasers Shots of Air Jordan 3 Joker

8&9 Clothing Releases Teasers Shots of Air Jordan 3 Joker

Streetwear and sneakers definitely go hand in hand. 8&9 knows this as much as Jordan Brand does. Hype drives the market, demand must exceed supply. Miami based 8&9 Clothing is known for effectively timing it's exclusive colorways to coincide with Jordan releases.

Unlike other streetwear companies, 8&9 tees shy away from any design inspiration taken direct from the sneaker or its name. On the contrary 8&9 delivers eclectic graphics that appeal to their core streetwear customer. That customer considers himself a connoisseur, he buys what he likes not what the masses lust. Today, 8&9 delivers a sneak peek at one of the Spring's hype Jordan releases.

Close up and detailed pictures of the Air Jordan Joker 3 shot on location in Miami by Respek Fresh can be found on the 8&9 Blog. The Air Jordan Joker 3 while it's not an OG color will garner high attention similar to Nike SB movie themed sneakers. This one doesn't have any Joker branding, or Bat Man references but the color scheme is Joker inspired.

For more information on the Jordan Joker release check 8and9.com/blog or follow @8and9 on twitter or instagram.