Kevin Wichtendahl's BREAKING FAT Now Available on Kindle

Kevin Wichtendahl's BREAKING FAT Now Available on Kindle

Weight loss seeking men and women who are tired of ineffective diet plans, hopeless fads and often counter-productive exercise routines, can now download Kevin Wichtendahl's groundbreaking best seller "Breaking Fat" on their Amazon Kindle e-reader, and discover a series of powerful and proven weight loss secrets from a man who lost 120 pounds in 18 months - and claims that it was the easiest thing he ever did.

"Most weight loss books and programs are full of lofty promises and hype, and yet completely empty when it comes to delivering actual results for ordinary people like me," commented Wichtendahl, who admits to having tried more fad diets and products than he cares to remember. "That's when I discovered the revolutionary weight loss secrets that are featured in my book the exact same secrets that helped me safely and permanently lose 120 pounds in 18 months. And that's not even the most remarkable part of my story. It's that after so many years of exhaustively swimming upstream, losing all of that weight was the easiest thing I ever did!"

Given the book's provocative title, folks who read the print or digital version of Breaking Fat shouldn't expect conventional diet advice, drug tips or exercise tips: three curses that Wichtendahl claims are the scourge of dieters across the globe.

"I can't say this emphatically enough: special diets, drugs, and exercise don't work!" stated Wichtendahl. "Instead of helping people lose weight, they do the exact opposite: they sabotage any long term weight loss success. My book is categorically not about any of those things. Rather, it shows ordinary people how they can continue eating the foods that they enjoy, while losing weight faster and easier than ever before. It worked for me. And it'll work for them!"

The new unabridged Amazon Kindle version of Breaking Fat is available at Prospective readers can also browse numerous reviews from men and women who have used Wichtendahl's secrets to easily, safely and permanently achieve their weight loss goals.