The Saatchi Gallery Presents ALO –HAIL TO THE LOSER, 7/29-8/18

The Saatchi Gallery Presents ALO –HAIL TO THE LOSER, 7/29-8/18
On 29th July, the Saatchi Gallery will open ALO - Hail to the Loser, a solo exhibition of the street artist's work, in the Prints & Originals Gallery.

A self-taught artist born in Italy, ALO focuses on the human figure and portraiture. His works first gained recognition when they appeared on the streets of Perugia, Rome and Milan.

Over the past two years his works have been seen on the streets of East London and pay tribute to the people he observes in and around the area.

ALO employs the same techniques for his indoor and street art/work, and he has increasingly been utilising found materials on which to paint and mark.

The works are informed and influenced by the fascination that ALO has for the German Expressionist movement, the raw simplicity and directness of art from Africa and the energy of Punk.

"I love Kirchner and all the art that came after. It expressed the deepest sides of us through colour contrasts and shapes that often do not correspond to the official idea of beauty that we have."

This exhibition will include over 40 works of art, many of which have been created over recent months. A limited edition print, the first by the artist, will be launched during the exhibition. All exhibited works are for sale.