Nohra Haime Gallery Presents Natalia Arias' NO PERMANENT, NO PERPETUAL, 5/1-6/14

Nohra Haime Gallery Presents Natalia Arias' NO PERMANENT, NO PERPETUAL, 5/1-6/14

NATALIA ARIAS: NO PERMANENT, NO PERPETUAL, an exhibition comprised of 12 haunting photographs and an installation, will be on view at the Nohra Haime Gallery from May 1st through June 14th. Arias' new body of work expresses ideas of detachment, transition and revelation. Her approach is conceptual, daring and psychological.

By presenting images in a state of flux, Arias poses questions about existence and identity. Her portrayals range between the repulsive and the seductive as she explores the constant flux of life and creation. She underscores these transformation with the help of props that she creates and which are quickly becoming installations.

In Displaced, 2011, Arias captures a portrait of herself in the process of transformation.Wearing half a cocoon mask, her illuminated face contrasts with the remaining darkness. Her sullen expression is reflected below, and she appears unstable and fragile. The before and after are undefined.

In Mutatis Mutandis, 2011, a female figure is shown confined in darkness. Only her nude torso is visible. The character is isolated in a state of uncertainty, but the surrounding red butterflies seem to liberate her onto a process of reformation. The delicate light seen from the side accentuates the tension found in this moment. In White Glider, 2012, this state of transition is depicted by the human/butterfly hybrid. Digging into the abstraction of the human psyche, Arias captures images that convey renewal and the awakening of oneself.

The result is a collection of profound imagery and symbolism. We cannot help but be drawn by the enigmatic and seductive quality of Arias' work.

A catalog of the exhibition will be available.

Natalia Arias has exhibited in various international art fairs such as LA Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA; Bridge Art Fair, London, England and Miami, FL; the Armory, New York; ArteAmericas, Miami, FL. Arias was born in England in 1977 and was raised in Colombia. She studied at the Savannah College of Art and now lives and works in Miami.

The show will exhibit May 1 - June 14, 2012, with a reception for the artist held Tuesday, May 15 from 6 to 8 p.m.

Photo provided by the artisT. White GLIDER, 2012, c-print, ed. 5, 19.5 x 24 in. 49.5 x 61 cm.