Jason McCoy Gallery Presents Closing Reception of LI-LAN: FIVE DECADES with Carter Ratcliff, 4/24

Jason McCoy Gallery Presents Closing Reception of LI-LAN: FIVE DECADES with Carter Ratcliff, 4/24

Concluding the Jason McCoy Gallery exhibition Li-lan: Five Decades-an exhibition of key works from the past 50 years by the acclaimed American painter-on Thursday, April 24, 2014, Carter Ratcliff will speak on his collaboration with the artist, creating the first major monograph on Li-lan, entitled The Art of Li-lan: A World Achieved.

Through the acclaimed poet, art writer, teacher, and lecturer Ratcliff's extensive research, a sensitive and penetrating narrative guides us through a gentle but hard-fought life of artistic accomplishment. At this special event, Li-lan will present the bespoke linen-bound special edition of the monograph with her signed limited edition print-which accompanied the cohesive survey of Li-lan's oeuvre, featuring major paintings and pastels on paper from the past five decades.

Following the New York exhibition, Li-lan's work will be shown in TaipeiJuly 5-27, 2014 at Tina Keng Gallery, in the exhibition entitled A World Achieved.

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Li-lan has exhibited extensively worldwide and is in the collections of The Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD; Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton, NY; Heckscher Museum, Huntington, NY; Modern Art Museum, Toyama, Japan; Ohara Museum of Art, Kurashiki, Japan; The Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY; San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA; The Sezon Museum of Modern Art, Karuizawa, Japan; Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, VA; Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC; and The William Benton Museum of Art, Storrs, CT.

Born in New York to the gallerist Helen Wimmer Gee and Modernist painter Yun Gee, Li-lan was exposed from a young age to cultural sophistication that matured into a unique art form. Firmly rooted in the culture of postwar New York, Li-lan's oeuvre began in the early 1960s, comprised of still-lifes and bright, detailed, full figures. Painting in oil on linen, or pastel and watercolor on handmade paper, Li-lan portrays birds and airplanes in flight, insects and animals, the occasional figure, and architectural imagery from places she has visited as well as those only seen in photographs. Through the years-through the fabric of the American experience, while unfolding her own identity outside of New York in Japan and her father's homeland of China-she found her domain, transitioning through various subjects, while staying true to her independent spirit. Li-lan is represented by her longtime dealers Tina Keng of the Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei and Beijing and Jason McCoy of Jason McCoy Gallery, New York, New York.