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Bill Condon & Henry Krieger Tease New SIDE SHOW Revival; Movie Musical Version, Too?

Bill Condon & Henry Krieger Tease New SIDE SHOW Revival; Movie Musical Version, Too?Versatile screen director Bill Condon has set his sights on the stage following the international success of his stage-to-screen adaptation of DREAMGIRLS with another musical featuring a score by Henry Krieger, that of the beloved late-'90s cult musical SIDE SHOW, written with Bill Russell and now preparing for an out-of-town tryout at the La Jolla Playhouse in a vastly revised and rewritten new version set to continue on to the Kennedy Center next year.

In addition to calling it "deep and dark," Condon also says, "I think it's going to be very moody and mysterious. That sense of the freak or the monster inside us, I think that's a very universal feeling."

In discussing the collaboration between himself and Condon, composer Krieger states, "When Bill Condon asks for a new song or a new scene, it's a real joy to be asked that. He's just so intelligent, so without ego problems, such a fan of other people's work, an encourager, and he's got a laser beam of a mind. He can see where edits come in, and he can suggest something for a spot that he detects is not full enough."

Comparing film to theatre, Condon says of the preview process with SIDE SHOW, "It's like eight test screenings a week."

Furthermore, he adds, "It seems like a movie director's nightmare, but the great thing about it is - opposed to a movie, where, absent reshooting, the DNA of a movie is baked into what you shoot - here is the opportunity to make some major changes in response to what isn't making sense to an audience."

As for the potential to bring this new, revised SIDE SHOW to the silver screen someday soon, Condon is optimistic on those prospects, as well.

"It's become less a backstage musical and more a biographical musical drama," Condon reveals of the major changes.

"We're filling it in in a way that you could do it as a movie," Condon asserts.

"I think it would be a tremendous movie musical. Not a mass-marketed one, but of interest. That's always the trick. Those movies cost a certain amount of money. But I'd love to keep figuring it out," Condon concludes.

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