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Allen University

Division of Humanities, Department of Music
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1530 Harden Street
Columbia,SC 29204
(803) 376-5700

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Bachelor of Arts in Piano

Bachelor of Arts in Voice

Bachelor of Arts in Instrumental Performance

Instrument focuses on the student’s love for musical instruments. The degree requires eight semesters of Symphonic Wind Ensemble. A concentration in instrument teaches the student further about the history, culture, and practice of music. Piano offers a rigorous program of study in piano as well as either voice or instrument. These students are required to complete eight semesters of either Concert, Gospel Choir, or Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Students perform a Senior recital in their last year. Voice focuses on the aesthetic, cultural, and artistic development of students as they study music. Students are expected to take eight semesters of Concert or Gospel Choir. Upon reaching Senior year, Music majors will perform a Senior recital.

Notable Alumni Include:

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