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Les Miserables in Broadway LES MISERABLES
Theatre Jacksonville
This international smash-hit may be the most popular musical in the world, and it caps Theatre Jacksonville's 94th season in an exclusive first for local theatres in Northeast Florida. It's 19th Century France. The nation is in the midst of revolution, and convict Jean Valjean is running from the law. Hunted relentlessly by the policeman Javert for breaking his parole, he must create a new life and honor his promise to raise the young orphaned Cosette. This epic story follows the increasingly dangerous cat and mouse chase between the two men as Valjean seeks to protect the ones he loves. Grand and uplifting, Les Miserables packs an emotional wallop that has thrilled audiences all over the world.
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Tick, Tick… Boom! in Broadway TICK, TICK… BOOM!
Atlantic Beach Experimental Theatre
Jon, an aspiring composer who lives in New York City in 1990, is worried he has made the wrong career choice to be part of the performing arts. A charming, autobiographical story of Larson, who won a Pulitzer and three Tony Awards for his musical Rent.
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<a href=Paul McCartney - Out There Tour in Broadway" border="0" bheight="100" width="100" align="right"> PAUL MCCARTNEY - OUT THERE TOUR
Veterans Memorial Arena
Jacksonville will experience its first ever full Paul McCartney headline concert on June 22 at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena - Paul's only previous performances in Jacksonville being his four-song set at Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005, and the one and only show The Beatles ever played in Florida at the Gator Bowl in 1964. "This success in drawing a musical legend like Paul McCartney to Jacksonville showcases SMG's hard work as it continues to bring top acts here - keeping our city in the spotlight," said Mayor Alvin Brown. "Paul McCartney is a global superstar who performs in world-class cities. Fans will come here from across Florida and Georgia for this concert. We hope they'll make a full weekend of it, staying at our hotels, eating in our restaurants, shopping at our stores, having a good time and returning home to tell their friends that Jacksonville is a place where great things are happening."
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Venus In Fur in Broadway VENUS IN FUR
Players by the Sea
New York director Thomas has adapted Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's erotic 1870 classic Venus in Fur for the stage. (Okay, his play is about masochism, but in a loving way.) After an uninspiring day of auditions, he is set to go home to his bossy fiance, when the door opens and in bursts Vanda, very late, very profane and very clueless. Nothing could be further from the refined goddess-like character he is seeking. And yet, she has the same name as the play's heroine …. She persuades Thomas to let her read and, out of nowhere, displays a stunning command of the part. She even pulls authentic costumes out of her tote bag. The audition soon becomes a witty, sexy power struggle that totally unbalances the know-it-all director.
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Oliver! in Broadway OLIVER!
Limelight Theatre
The well-loved musical adaptation of Charles Dickens's classic tale! Oliver is an orphan who runs away from his cruel caretakers only to land himself in trouble with the wrong kind of people. As he navigates his new life, he finds hope in the kindness of newfound friends.
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Shrek The Musical in Broadway SHREK THE MUSICAL
Alhambra Theatre
Join the beloved Ogre, chatty donkey, and spit fire princess in the Dreamworks Classic. When the Evil Lord Frarquaad threatens to take over Shrek's swamp, Shrek and his new friend Donkey must set out on a fairy tale adventure to rescue the lovely Princess Fiona from the dragons keep. this show is perfect for kids from 2-92.
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