DJ Tennis Releases Video for 'You Closed My Eyes

DJ Tennis Releases Video for 'You Closed My Eyes

Directed by the critically acclaimed Virgilio Villoresi, DJ Tennis' "You Closed My Eyes" gets the filmic treatment it deserves. Brooding vocals by the artist (Manfredi Romano) and pulsing beats illuminate optical illusions created using light, color, objects, film, and human bodies. The result is a macabre love letter, echoing the density of the rest of DJ Tennis' double EP, Local.

Check out the video here;

Without a doubt, Manfredi Romano (aka DJ Tennis) is a busy man. Co-founder and partner of Life and Death, a DJ with a full schedule and someone who still always has his fingers (and mind) in multiple projects and multiple places at the same time. How he juggles it (or when he sleeps) are questions best not pondered. One thing those who know him well have surely noticed is that he does it all while constantly on the move. Unfazed by the constant whirl of cities that pass him by, he somehow manages to remain focused throughout. No matter where he goes, he somehow always manages to remain local.

DJ Tennis Live Dates
5/23 Bradly, CA @ Lightning in a Bottle
5/25 New York, NY @ Electric Daisy Carnival
5/26 Detroit, MI @ Old Miami