Texas IT Company, c2mtech Adds Sound Masking Capabilities

Texas IT Company, c2mtech Adds Sound Masking Capabilities Cambridge Sound Management is the global leader in sound privacy devices and systems. Sound masking systems make workplaces across all verticals feel more comfortable, private, and productive through loudspeakers installed in an office ceiling. The sound is a specially engineered frequency designed to “cover up” human speech, making conversational distractions fade into the workplace’s background ambience.

The audio-visual team at c2mtech have recently completed Cambridge Sound Management’s challenging 3-tier certification process to become masking experts. As a result, c2mtech is authorized to sell and install Cambridge Sound Management in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco and Houston metro areas.<

Sound masking has become a more popular technology in recent years. Modern open office trends increase the number of conversational distractions, leading to over a loss of productivity. Even with a cubicle floor plan, vocal distractions can keep employees off task.

Outside of a professional office, sound masking is effective in hospitals and healthcare environments. Where private conversations are required to be confidential, sound masking helps protect patient privacy by making it more difficult for private information to be overheard. Additionally, sound masking has been shown to help overnight patients get a better night’s sleep. In an educational setting, sound masking can help reduce crosstalk between classrooms and transform a school library or study center into a space more acoustically comfortable.