Missy Reder Launches The AB-EZE Suspension Trainer

Missy Reder Launches The AB-EZE Suspension Trainer

Missy Reder Launches The AB-EZE Suspension Trainer

The AB-EZE suspension trainer is a smart, new product and new way to strengthen the core. Based on the trapeze harness found on a catamaran, the revolutionary design supports the body against gravity to specifically activate the abs, back, glutes, and leg muscles. (The name AB-EZE combines abs, ease and trapeze www.ab-eze.com $149.99)

AB-EZE anchors over any door, then by leaning on the comfortable support pad, muscles will instantly engage. Intensity changes with the press of a button to lengthen or shorten the strap and changes in body positions enhance the desired results. AB-EZE targets specific areas to tone: Firm and lift the butt; Sculpt abs and shrink waistline; Strengthen back; and, Shape and define legs.

Don't have a door? AB- EZE attaches to any fixed point or interchanges with any fitness system. The well-crafted, intuitive technology, storage, and portability make it easy to use. In just seconds, AB-EZE conveniently turns home, office, dorm, or hotel room into a personal gym.

AB-EZE will transform one's physique without changing a lifestyle. No time to work-out? In just minutes, one can efficiently strengthen core wherever and whenever their schedule permits; between meetings, while baby is napping, as dinner cooks, when taking a study break, or even watching TV or talking on the phone... AB-EZE is the perfect solution for busy people because it turns unused minutes into body changing moments without breaking a sweat or even changing into workout clothes!

AB-EZE is for everyone of all ages; whether just starting out or a fitness pro. The accompanying manual includes a variety of easy to follow beginner to advanced exercises from traditional movements or a fun, dance style workout.

About Missy Reder:

As a 47-year-old mother of four children, Missy knew all too well that even the best experiences in life can take a toll on our bodies. After the birth of her youngest child, she was left with four finger width diastasis recti and three epigastric hernias. The invasive corrective surgery left Missy unable to engage her abdominal wall. She had little sensation and couldn't contract her stomach muscles.<

As an experienced yoga teacher and personal trainer, this was particularly frustrating. Her AHA moment came while sailing on a catamaran with her husband, Josh. (She calls Josh the 'catama-wrangler' because he adjusts the lines for the mainsheet and jib like a rodeo cowboy, while Missy had the fun part of riding the hull up high in the trapeze harness.) While sailing on windy day, she leaned way back in the trapeze to keep the boat from flipping. That's when it happened... she felt her stomach muscles and realized she was onto something; a new fitness product to engage abdominal muscles in a way that had not been accessible for years. AB-EZE was borne.

Missy Reder is National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, and a 500 hour certified yoga instructor who teaches weekly classes, trains private clients, and leads retreats. At age 42, Missy placed top three in the Masters Bikini Division in the MuscleMania SuperBody, Fitness Atlantic, and WBFF Montreal physique competitions. As an industry expert, Missy's mission is to help her students look and feel their best by empowering them with an understanding of how to exercise effectively and efficiently, integrate healthy eating habits, and embrace a nurturing lifestyle. Missy openly shares her personal experiences of struggle and success in an effort to help those she inspires to see that every challenge is an opportunity.

In addition to her pursuits as a health and fitness innovator, Missy is a Speech-Language Pathologist who invented the BabyBond nursing cover. The BabyBond is the only breastfeeding cover sold worldwide that covers mother without covering her baby.

Missy Reder lives in NJ with her husband, Josh who is an FDNY firefighter. She enjoys dancing, yoga, hiking, cooking, and karaoke. Her daily motto is "the only thing better than feeling good, is helping others feel good."


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