Celebrity Eats: MADONNA - Would Her Microbiotic Diet Work for You?

Celebrity Eats: MADONNA - Would Her Microbiotic Diet Work for You?At 54 and rocking a 25-year-old's body, it's no surprise that Madonna follows a strict diet to supplement her almost fanatical workout routine. Her macrobiotic regimen is less of a "diet" than it is a lifestyle - it comes from Buddhist beliefs (although Madonna is a well-known follower of Kabbalah) and is really about achieving a balance in the food you eat. So for Madonna, following this diet isn't purely about staying in shape, although it definitely does help with that. It's more about eliminating meat, dairy, eggs, and wheat. It also discourages eating a lot of those avoid-at-all-costs processed foods.

As a pescatarian myself, I'm a fan of Madonna's diet because there really aren't many downsides. You don't have to give up eating fish (which is one of the main reasons I never went vegan) and there is a strong emphasis on the all-important fruits and veggies. Eliminating dairy and meat also means eating giving up a lot of fat and instead focusing on lean protein and fiber, and eating out is definitely made harder by the macrobiotic restrictions. However, more and more restaurants are moving in a "gluten-free, vegetarian friendly" direction, and given Madonna's celebrity status I'm sure she knows the places to go. For the rest of us though, adapting this diet probably means more meal preparation at home and less visiting of the local steakhouse.

The key to Madonna's fabulous physique is that she switches up her exercise routine as a supplement to her diet. In rehearsals and performances she moves all over the stage, but her daily routine consists of a lot of other types of cardio, like running and jump roping. Switching up your exercise routine keeps the body on its toes so that it doesn't get used to working out only certain muscles. Madonna's macrobiotic diet also cuts out caffeine and alcohol--this means no midday crash for the dancing diva.

I've tried a few different cleanses since becoming interested in health and nutrition, and one of them included something very similar to this diet. I recently cleansed for about 10 days and I definitely felt like the toxins, waste, and animal products had drained from my body and made me feel less bogged down. I would recommend Madonna's macrobiotic diet to anyone wanting to detox for a short period of time--you might even decide you enjoy it enough to make it a permanent lifestyle change.


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Jean Hanks As an active child ? playing soccer, doing gymnastics, and dancing nearly every day ? I never put much thought into what I ate. It wasn?t until health class in middle school that nutrition labels on packaged foods began to fascinate me ? I wanted to know what each percentage meant and how each ingredient and macronutrient affected our bodies. Add into the mix a passion for distance running and a conversion to a pescatarian (no meat, fish only) lifestyle and here I stand today, somewhat of a health nut. Just before going off to college in New Orleans I discovered the Food Network, which inspired me to experiment with cooking, something I?d never taken up. I found that I loved cooking food even more than I did eating it. Since then, my challenge has been to create flavorful and exciting dishes that are actually good for you. I want to educate people (especially foodies) about health foods ? that ?vegetarian? doesn?t always mean tofu, and going without steak for a week won?t kill you, but might just actually add some years to your life.