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Ties-Necktie, a retailer for men's fashion accessories as well as men's fashion blog, just published a piececomparing the fashion and style of Barack Obama/Joe Biden and Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan. After taking a closer look at their suits, ties, shirts, accessories, as well as overall clothing fit, the democratic team is declared the more fashionable winner.

“The battle for the White House between Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan is perhaps the hottest topic in America at the moment,” says the fashion blogger and the site's founder Hendrik Pohl. “Bearing this in mind, we wanted to do everything possible to highlight the fashion and style of these four men, and to determine which of the two pairs is best-dressed. While none of these men are sloppy with the way they approach fashion, they aren’t all equal in the way they dress, either, and this is something that is more than worth paying attention to.”

The piece highlights each individual independently, explaining the subtle nuances that make them stand apart from one another. Obama, for example, is highlighted for his slim-fitting yet one-size-too-big suits as well as his light-blue ties. Romney’s approach to fashion (which typically involved dropping the suit and wearing a white dress shirt and cornflower-blue tie) is also highlighted, as well as the fashion statements made by both the vice president and vice presidential nominee.

“We’re not trying to make any statements here about which bill would be better for the White House,” says Pohl. “Rather, we just want to point out the fact that style is quite a bit more important than a lot of people make it out to be when it comes to running for office. After all, no one is going so respect a presidential bill if neither candidate looks their best at all times, regardless of their take policy.”

Ties-Necktie has published a variety of article series’ in the past year, many of which have focused on the topic "fashion in politics", and recently the site named their pick for the five best and five worst dressed presidents of all time.

“Our readers have always been receptive of the article series’ we publish that focus on celebrity style and fashion, and we anticipate this piece to be just as popular as the rest, if not more so,” says Pohl. “After all, this is one of the hottest topics in the country right now, so it should stand to reason that the interest is there. As fashion experts, it’s our job to highlight the way these two pairs look, and we’re doing our best."


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