CYNTHIA-REEVES Debuts Tomas Munita's Photography at Art Wynwood, Now thru 2/18

CYNTHIA-REEVES participates in the 2rd edition of Art Wynwood, a leading art fair dedicated to international contemporary art, over President's Day Weekend, today, February 14 - 18, 2013, at the Art Miami Pavilion, 3101 NE 1st Avenue in Miami, FL. This year's fair will showcase art from 70 leading international galleries and CYNTHIA-REEVES will feature new work by Jennifer Caine, Shen Chen, Jaehyo Lee, Michael Mulhern, Lee Jung Woong, and Tomas Munita, amongst other distinguished artists. (Booth #B6)

At the most recent Sotheby's New York auction this past December, Jaehyo Lee's functional art table, 0121-110=110114, placed for $46,875.00, well above the high estimate of $30,000.00 in their 20th Century Design Sale. CYNTHIA-REEVES looks forward to showing brand new functional art from the studio, to be unveiled at the upcoming fair.

Following Shen Chen's recent WILO Foundation exhibition, which was shown in both Germany and China, CYNTHIA-REEVES will feature as the curatorial focal point, a large black and white triptych from the artist's 2007 series. To create his subtle ombre surfaces, Chen paints with a variety of traditional Chinese brushes. Working with the canvas on the studio floor, he layers the surface by moving progressively top down, in a vertical motion. The discrete horizontal lines visible on the surface are a record of where each vertical brushstroke began and stopped. It is this meticulous layering of color that achieves the resonant tonal hues of his paintings, and which also manifests his rigorous discipline in how line is supported by breath. The artist's next international exhibition will be in Shanghai later this year.

CYNTHIA-REEVES is proud to debut the photographic work of Chilean artist and award winning journalistic photographer, Tomas Munita. Munita travels the world exploring ritual, culture, and crisis, capturing his diverse subject matters with arresting beauty and poignancy. In 2010 Munita won the All Roads National Geographic Award for his work on Lost Harvest-the death of the Loa River. Recent areas of exploration include Kabul, Kandahar and Kashmire and the HIV epidemic. CYNTHIA-REEVES will have two photographs depicting daily life: one of monks from Laos, and the second of children from Vamna, India<

Last year CYNTHIA-REEVES showed young artist Jennifer Caine's Chromotope, installation of large panels of intricately cut paper, to much success. The pieces were also shown at Co-Lab Projects, an art center, in Austin, Texas. This year, Caine's large and medium format oils on canvas will be on display. Using only a palette knife, Caine's abstract oils feature a diffused palette of soft pinks, blues, greys, blacks and whites. Caine most recently showed at the Painting Center in New York City this past summer, and was reviewed by Cate McQuaid of The Boston Globe.

In remembrance of New York City abstract painter, Michael Mulhern, CYNTHIA-REEVES will have selections of the artist's ebullient gestural brushwork on raw canvas; the artist died last year. Mulhern was an ardent proponent of minimalism, and pursued a dynamic series of paintings utilizing only black and aluminum paints for, literally, decades, overlapping with the American Abstract Expressionists of the 1960's. It was in his latest works that he returned again to the use of color, but hewing closely to his roots as a gestural abstract painter. Nonetheless, all of his work communicated tremendous latent energy and a potency unusual in works with such a narrow palette. Cynthia-Reeves has worked with the Mulhern family to gift two significant works by Michael for inclusion in the Permanent Collection of the The National September 11 Memorial and Museum. These works will be on view early in the exhibition cycle, upon the Museum's formal opening.

CYNTHIA-REEVES presents Sarah Amos, Jennifer Caine, Shen Chen, Beth Ganz, Allison Gildersleeve, Jaehyo Lee, Jung Woong Lee, Michael Mulhern, Tomas Munita, Danille Julian Norton, Siddhartha Parasnis, Jonathan Prince, and John Willis.