Scoop: THE CHEW on ABC - Week of March 24, 2014

Scoop: THE CHEW on ABC - Week of March 24, 2014
MONDAY, MARCH 24 - "SOUTHERN FRIED SUPPERS" - Day 1 of "Fried Chicken Week" features Husk Restaurant in Charleston, SC; Carla Hall and Clinton Kelly team up for a "C & C Food Factory" featuring fried catfish and hush puppies; Mario Batali shares a favorite recipe inspired by local New Orleans delicacies.

TUESDAY, MARCH 25 -"SWEET 'N' SALTY SPECTACULAR!" - Day 2 of "Fried Chicken Week" showcases Chicago's Honey Butter Restaurant; Gillian Jacobs ("Community"); the hosts test the audience's knowledge about sweet & salty foods.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26 - "CHICKEN IT UP A NOTCH" - Day 3 of "Fried Chicken Week" features Country Cat Dinner House and Bar in Portland, OR; Chef Ryan Scott (Live Well Network's "Food Rush") joins Daphne Oz to make his sloppy joe with white cheddar fondue and roasted tomatoes recipe.

THURSDAY, MARCH 27 - "THE WORLD ON A P LATE" - Day 4 of "Fried Chicken Week" spotlights D Bar in Denver, CO; Daphne Oz and Clinton Kelly make a sweet and tangy beef stir fry with mango carrot slaw and Daphne shares her recipe for the perfect non-alcoholic grapefruit mojito.

FRIDAY, MARCH 28 - "EXTRA VALUE FRIDAY: PIES 'N' THIGHS"- Day 5 of "Fried Chicken Week" looks at New York City's Hill Country Barbecue; Carla Hall demonstrates the "how to" of easy and delicious peanut butter pie pops.