simpleshow Expands Into the International e-Education Scene

simpleshow Expands Into the International e-Education Scene

LUXEMBOURG, October 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/

simpleshow, the Berlin startup and market leader with thousands of explainer videos, has taken its business to the next level. With the goal to become a globalEduTechcompany, the founders and creators of simpleshow have attracted a team of investors to foster the rapid internationalization of its successful interactive explainer video format and new product developments. The Japanese former highflying CEO of Livedoor,Takafumi Horiehas joined as an advisor, and Japanese investors located in Singaporehaveinvested in this trendsetting project at a US$ 75 million evaluation.

Chairman of the Board, Danish serial entrepreneurMorten Sondergaard,describes the new set up as an "ambitious step forward evidencing the belief in the enormous growth potentials of simpleshow".

With offices in Berlin, London and Singapore, the roll-out strategy is already agreed: First of all, simpleshow's successful explainer videos will be actively distributed in international focus markets, primarily the US and Japan. This will be immediately followed by the enhancement of the product portfolio with interactive and integrated education, explanation and learning solutions.

The investments, combined with the expertise of the founders and makers of simpleshow's success story over the past five years, pave the way for The Simpleshow Company ( to becoming a heavyweight, innovative EduTech company.

simpleshow was founded in 2008 and has since risen to be market leader with more than 3,000 explainer videos produced to date. Now headquartered in Luxembourg, the company has international offices in Berlin, Stuttgart, London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong to serve customers from more than 20 countries, speaking more than 50 languages. simpleshow reduces complexity by developing innovative and creative solutions for communication and education challenges and is on its way to becoming a global EduTech company.

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simpleshow Expands Into the International e-Education Scene