Red Robot Labs Unveils New Location-Based Mobile Game - Life Is Magic, Now Available for iOS Devices

Red Robot Labs Unveils New Location-Based Mobile Game - Life Is Magic, Now Available for iOS Devices

The role-playing fantasy game, Life Is Magic, from Red Robot Labs is now available for free for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. As it first became available on December 20 and through the New Year, it was featured as a "New and Noteworthy" App on the iTunes App Store, attracting widespread gamer interest and downloads.

Life Is Magic intertwines real-world locations with evolving social gameplay as players form teams and compete individually to become the most powerful mage in the world. View the trailer here: Life is Magic will be available for Android soon.

"Life is Magic is the game I had in mind when we founded Red Robot," said Pete Hawley, co-founder and chief product officer, Red Robot Labs. "It allows players to escape the daily grind and enter a magical, fantasy version of the U.S. that is rendered in the style of a Tolkien map, which can be played from your couch or anywhere. We can't wait to see masses of gamers joining parties and working together to conquer deep dungeons, uncover treasures, learn new magic and travel the world in order to connect and play with others."

Escaping the daily routine of work and life for a parallel world of magic, players customize their character -- a Mage, Monk or Machinist -- and interact with other players while fighting monsters in dungeons and discovering spells, quests and events around them. With the GPS feature enabled on the device, players can teleport to anywhere in the U.S., and explore a vivid fantasy world grounded in real world locations. Players collaborate and form teams that selectively leverage each member's strengths to asynchronously fight monsters and conquer dungeons. They must also begin building their individual wealth, power and influence in the world.

"Life Is Magic represents a new standard for location-based games with deep gameplay, a vibrant 3D map and polish found in popular console games," said Mike Ouye, CEO and co-founder Red Robot Labs. "Our hope is that Life is Magic defines the location gaming genre for years to come.Life is Magic is the culmination of all our R2 platform technology and our learnings from Life is Crime."

With a strong focus on community, teams of three players form a Magic Circle to conquer dungeons and influence the evolution of the landscape. Only the strongest teams will be able to climb the monster-infested Magic Towers that dot the landscape. Upon beating the Towers final boss, players will become master and owner of the building. Players use a blend of science and elemental magic in the ultimate race to become the most influential mage in the world. In 2013, the game will expand to support a player versus player (PvP) gaming environment.

Life Is Magic product features include:

  • Mage, Monk or Machinist - Choose and customize your character, each with unique skills, spells and abilities.
  • Location-based gameplay - Discover new players, monsters, places, spells, quests and events around you. Teleport to other locations across the U.S., and eventually the world.
  • Build wealth, power and influence - Players acquire gold, fight monsters to gain power and explore locations to raise their influence. Compete to become the most powerful mage of a city and kingdom.
  • Magic Circles - Three players form a team to fight monsters. Magic Circle members leverage team members' unique skill sets.
  • Combat - All members of a Magic Circle do not need to be present to fight monsters, which are lurking in dungeons strewn across the world.
  • Visit real locations - Beautifully rendered 3D streets are accurate to real locations. Players explore in game venues to obtain quests and special items.
  • Seven Regions - Players will automatically join one of seven U.S. regions each with their own banner, representing the players' home location.
  • Spells Cards are a collection - Collect and earn spell cards, which act as the player skill set. Players selectively equip specific cards to create different combinations during combat.
  • Transform the map and conquer Magic Towers - Conquer monster-infested Magic Towers in the world to claim ownership.

Life Is Magic is available now for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.on the App store here: Life is Magic will be available in the Android marketplace soon. For more information visit: or follow us on Twitter @RedRobotLabs.