Backupify Launches Developer Platform to Help Accelerate Adoption of SaaS

Backupify Launches Developer Platform to Help Accelerate Adoption of SaaS

Backupify, the leading provider of backup and recovery solutions for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, today launched the "Backupify Developer Platform," a core set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that will allow SaaS ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to quickly integrate Backupify's data protection functionality into their applications. Initial beta phase SaaS ISV partners include Apptivo, Freshdesk, Mavenlink, Nimble and Pipeline Deals.

The Backupify API and initial ISV partner integrations will be available in Q2 2013.

The Backupify Developer Platform is for SaaS ISVs who need a faster, more effective way to offer customers better data security solutions in the cloud. The ISVs that are implementing the Backupify API recognize that data security and privacy concerns are the main deterrents for companies considering SaaS solutions. As ISVs focus on developing their core application, they have found it is beneficial to partner to take advantage of Backupify's unique knowledge, capabilities, and infrastructure designed especially for SaaS backup.

"In an increasingly competitive market, sophisticated buyers are creating a new set of evaluation criteria for selecting SaaS solutions, which is forcing vendors to provide better backup solutions," said Jeffrey M. Kaplan, managing director of THINKstrategies and the founder of the Cloud Computing Showplace. "Backupify is helping SaaS vendors respond to customers' escalating demands by assuring their data is truly protected and readily available."

The Backupify Developer Platform will help accelerate market acceptance of SaaS applications by allowing ISVs to continue to focus on what they do best while relying on Backupify to protect their customers' data. By integrating with the Backupify Developer Platform, ISVs can easily push Backupify's enhanced data protection to their customers regardless of company size, and will soon be able to offer the functionality either as an integrated component of their solutions or as an optional upgrade.<

"Nimble is a Social Relationship Manager that helps businesses turn relationships into revenue by unifying sales teams' contacts, activities, email and social platforms, enabling them to listen and Engage with their prospects and customers better. Partnering with Backupify gives our customers an easily accessible second-copy of this data, providing an additional level of security to our product," said Jon Ferrara, CEO and co-founder of Nimble. "Backupify and ISVs such as Nimble are leading the way in helping companies overcome their cloud data protection concerns. The ability for SaaS solutions to integrate with one another quickly and securely is not only shaping the future of CRM, but the cloud in general."

"Our experience in backup and recovery solutions for Google Apps and Salesforce customers has taught us that there is tremendous demand in the market for independent data protection for all SaaS applications," said Rob May, CEO of Backupify. "Customers and ISVs have approached us over the years to support their SaaS applications, which led us to create the developer platform. We're excited to work with leading ISVs on the initial integrations."

ISVs interested in joining the Backupify Developer Platform should visit http://developer.backupify.comfor more details or contact Backupify at