AT&T Extends Reach with End-To-End Business Phone System in The Cloud

AT&T Extends Reach with End-To-End Business Phone System in The Cloud

Employees today work virtually anywhere and communicate using a variety of devices desk phones, smartphones, tablets and PCs. Yet most businesses don't have a consistent, professional way to connect their customers with employees working in multiple locations, out in the field or across the country.

AT&T* is meeting this need by offering RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T, an end-to-end cloud-based phone system that's affordable, easy-to-manage and ideal for today's mobile and distributed workforces. This nationwide service makes it easier for business owners and corporate work groups both in-office and mobile to connect with each other and their customers on whatever device they prefer. Additionally, the cloud phone system can be easily set up and managed with apps on smartphones and tablets. All that's needed is a broadband connection no expensive PBX hardware or complex installation is required. Overall, the solution provides substantial cost benefits to businesses.

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T extends the original offering (AT&T Office@Hand) to an end-to-end business phone system for both office and mobile work environments within one cloud-based solution. It offers a variety of features, including Plug & Ring ready IP desktop phones for the office, enhanced PC and smartphone apps for mobile employees, and international calling options.

In today's competitive business environment, all employees must be productive and professional by being readily available to customers. Office@Hand enables employees to make and receive customer calls and faxes from virtually anywhere by using their business number from their desk phone, smartphone, tablet or PC.

Office@Hand also gives businesses added control over their company's image by empowering employees to have a single local or toll-free business number that keeps their professional identity separate from their personal mobile number. Employees can also use their mobile devices to route calls, set up auto-receptionist and update call routing as business responsibilities change.

Key New Features of RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T

  • Pre-configured Plug & Ring ready desktop phones
  • Enhanced mobile apps for leading operating systems and improved PC and Mac applications to make and receive calls and faxes, as well as manage phone system settings and preferences
  • Improved call handling capabilities, with virtually unlimited voice calling and faxes
  • Presence feature for select desktop phones to see when somebody is already on a call
  • Nationwide calling
  • International calling options, vanity, toll-free and local fax/voice numbers
  • Ability to add up to 800 employees for business locations nationwide

For a brief video on RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T, please click here. Small business owners looking for more information should go to AT&T Small Business.

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T is made possible through an exclusive relationship with RingCentral Inc., an industry leader for innovative cloud-based business phone systems.

RingCentral Office@Hand from AT&T starts at an average of $16 a month per user for Virtual mobile users; and $38 a month per user for Premium office-based users. Free mobile apps are available from the major app stores, and a limited free 30-day trial for Virtual users is available for AT&T wireless customers. Monthly plans for up to 800 users are available.

General Information

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AT&T Extends Reach with End-To-End Business Phone System in The Cloud