Versace Will Design For Lady Gaga’s Next Tour

Versace Will Design For Lady Gaga’s Next Tour

E News reported that Lady Gaga is spreading her own rumors that Versace will be creating new costumes for her upcoming tour.

"THE BORN THIS WAY BALL is getting a face-lift for America," she tweeted. "I heard rumors @Versace IS CUSTOM DESIGNING ALL THE CLOTHES AND NEW LOOKS."

This partnership isn't much of a surprise given Lady Gaga's appearances with Donatella Versace at Paris Fashion week and Gaga recently wore their "classic" safety pin gown.  Versace is known for sexy and outrageous silhouettes featuring animal print, leather and yes, safety pins. I expect Gaga's costumes to be risque and outrageous in the way only Versace can design.

Needless to say, I can't wait! 

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