Jennifer Lopez Tops Celebrity Perfume Sales List

Jennifer Lopez is topping the charts again as the number one celebrity perfumista. 99Perfume, an online perfume retailer, released a statement claiming J-Lo has surpassed all competitors in the race to be the most successful celebrity in designer fragrances. Lopez's "Glow Series" - particularly her Blue Glow Perfume for Women - is the biggest seller among all of the celebrity fragrance lines, selling $11.5 million in 2012 according to Euromonitor International.

"This isn't just a question of J-Lo having the most acclaimed marketing team and impeccable image control; she really does have extremely solid, competitive products out there in the fragrance market," says the company. Forbes magazine put Jennifer Lopez in the first rank "Celebrity 100 List," making it the world's most powerful celebrity perfume in 2012.

Over the past 15 years, the celebrity perfume industry has become increasingly more popular around the world. As stated by, J-Lo has outsold other major celebrity fragrance lines created by icons like Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna. The trend has become so lucrative that all of the biggest names in Hollywood want to get in on the action. Top contenders in the world of celebrity fragrances include superstars like Derek Jeter, Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Beyoncé and many more.

Still, no celebrity has managed to knock J-Lo off of her pedestal. With her name currently branded on 18 different fragrances, not only are her products popular, but most of them are significantly less expensive than other major fragrance brands. Some analysts claim that J-Lo now makes more money from her fragrance line than she does from her music, banking nearly $80 million since she first began lending her name to fragrances, courtesy of MailOnline.

The online store proudly carries several of Lopez's fragrances , including: Deseo Perfume , Deseo Forever, and her first Glow Perfume. 99Perfume says they're happy to share in J-Lo's success, and plan to carry anything she puts out in the future.

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