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The White Gallery Presents 'Sight Beyond Vision',

The White gallery will present Sight Beyond Vision, new works in photography by Joseph R. Webb, from October 6 through October 26, 2011.

Joseph R. Webb, a native of Whittier, California, is currently pursuing his BFA at Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Webb says that "I remove the impertinent and bland elements of experience and exalt the important to communicate the magnitude of an event or scenario in terms of human experience and sensation. I edit and manipulate images to make a reality more telling than the most technically accurate rendering can provide. This approach to making is combined with an intense interest in the mechanics of perception and seeing. I hold onto an acute awareness of the strangeness and deceptiveness inherent in photographic representation. To highlight this concern, I often employ a large print format and a high-resolving large format camera that work together to create huge expanses of printed image area that contains much more visual information than the human eye can capture.

"My overarching goal is to undermine photographic credibility to free the medium from the expectation of its own accuracy of rendering. It is only by expecting nothing from the medium that it will be able to deliver its most arresting images. I am not making images that transpose visual perception onto a planar sheet of paper. I am not even interested in exploring an approach to simulating visual experience. I am focused on photography and the vision of photographic processes, machine vision. I want to use the tools of photographic imaging to make images that clearly defy conventions of human sight. Images that we could never see with our eyes and are only possible through photography. Exalted photographs. Exalted images."

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