Blue Mountain Gallery Announces Douglas Anderson Exhibition


Blue Mountain Gallery announces an exhibition of recent works by Douglas Anderson.

The artist returns to the gallery for his first solo show since 2006 with a series of abstract images on paper. Drawing his inspiration from the masters of calligraphy of China and Japan, who sometimes describe their approaches as “walking” or “running” styles, Anderson, in these new paintings, has created whole universes with no more than black ink or pencil. He is attracted to the metaphor walking/running and thinks it describes perfectly his attempts to draw at the speed of thought, which is sometimes slow and ponderous and sometimes faster than the hand can record.

Also included in the exhibition are Anderson’s drawings with graphite pencil. There is a fertile interchange between to the two contrasting mediums. The pencil is hard, thin, and dry; it is a line moving through space. The brush, by contrast, is wet and flexible, creating hairlines and fat blots and everything in between. The brush must keep moving while the pencil can linger. Once again the metaphor of walking and running applies in a slightly different way, in the contrast between the mediums. 

Works from the exhibition can be seen at
Attached:   Composition III, Ink on paper, 11x14"