Artadia Announces 2017 New York Awardees

Artadia Announces 2017 New York Awardees

Artadia Announces 2017 New York Awardees

Artadia is pleased to announce the Awardees for the 2017 New York Artadia Awards:

Mika Tajima
Patricia Treib

The 2017 New York Artadia Awardees will receive $10,000 in unrestricted funds as well as access to the ongoing benefits of the Artadia Awards program.

The Awardees were selected by Kimberly Drew, Social Media Manager, The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Jonah Freeman, artist; Matthew Lyons, Curator, The Kitchen; and Laura Raicovich, President and Executive Director, Queens Museum. Lyons and Raicovich highlighted the distinguishing characteristics of each Awardee's practice:

"Mika Tajima translates far-reaching threads of contemporary life into works that highlight our relationships to modernity. Her work reflects and even predicts our collective selves as data producers and consumers, as products of industrial and technological design, affecting and potentially controlling our emotional states."

"Patricia Treib has developed a highly nuanced and engaging language of painting that explores perception and memory through the use of color and shape, which is very much her own. By returning to existing motifs again and again, she creates a time-based experience of painting."

To honor UOVO's generous sponsorship, Mika Tajima was named the 2017 UOVO Artadia Awardee.

The 2017 New York Artadia Awards are generously supported by UOVO, the May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Artadia's Board of Directors, and Council members. Special thanks to UOVO for sponsoring the UOVO Artadia Award.