BWW Reviews: Jillian Michaels' MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE Tour Impresses a 'Top 5 Smartest City in the World'

BWW Reviews: Jillian Michaels' MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE Tour Impresses a 'Top 5 Smartest City in the World'

Bad-ass fitness trainer, Jillian Michaels, appeared for one night only at the Palace Theatre in Columbus, Ohio on her second national "Maximize Your Life" tour. But be prepared. This ain't no fitness show. It's a 2 hour wake-up call to anyone who is ready to face their demons, transform their lives, and be their best self.

Rockin' the skinny jeans and neutral sweater, Jillian first appeared with a nice compliment of our city, announcing that Columbus is one of the "Top 5 smartest cities in the world." Impressed herself by that stat, Jillian was definitely on her toes during the entire show, and even recognized our "smarty-pants" audience member who was the only person ever to correctly answer the true definition of metabolism. Are you looking it up now?

As bad ass as Jillian appears on camera, she also has a heart of gold. She shared her intimate story of childhood survival, how she became "The Avenger," how she gained and lost her own weight, and always reminds us that "If you believe in yourself, then know that I believe in you." The hardcore, in-your-face persona we see on TV comes out because Jillian "wants them to feel the pain" in order to catapult a change.

Jillian covers three important topics: 1) Science; 2) Sweat; and 3) Self, followed by a Q&A and a meet and greet for VIP ticketers. She sprinkles in personal recollections, Biggest Loser stories, and offers endless motivation to unleash your potential and kick-start your goals.

In the "Science" portion, Michaels discusses the importance of calories in vs. calories out, the quality of your food, and the secrets to weight loss. She states plainly to the audience with rousing applause, "Don't waste another dollar on a fad diet. NOT NECESSARY." So what's the secret to weight loss? Michaels says it's simple: Eat less, move more... and she laughs all the way to the bank. She teaches the 80/20 plan to allow for treats in 80% of a healthy diet. (For more on this, click here.) Michaels emphasizes the importance of the quality of food and keeping the Top 10 things OUT of your daily intake. To sum it up, "Don't eat shit you can't pronounce." $20 extra a week will buy you a lifetime. Sounds like a lot? How much would you pay to see your daughter walk down the aisle, or bounce your grandchildren on your lap? Michaels also teaches us the "Clean 15" and "Dirty Dozen" when it comes to fruit and produce.

BWW Reviews: Jillian Michaels' MAXIMIZE YOUR LIFE Tour Impresses a 'Top 5 Smartest City in the World'

In the "Sweat" portion, Jillian stresses the importance of dynamic, high-intensity training (more on this can be found here). She says to keep your Maximum Heart Rate at 85% in order to burn the most calories. In essence, "move your ass faster."

Michaels spends the greatest amount of time on "Self". How do you stay motivated? She inspires us to dig deep and "find your WHY," and "If you have a 'why' to live for, you can tolerate any 'how'". Jillian goes on about responsibility, forgiveness, and being your "best self." She reminds us that each of us is a miracle, and to "throw out your past by making difference choices." Mistakes will come, but just "keep walking... it gets better."

Concluding the program was a Q&A, followed by a meet and greet for the VIP guests. Many of the questions in the Q&A required more of an in-depth or one-on-one session in order to root out specific issues. I would suggest cutting out this portion of the program and instead pursuing the possibility of a separate intensive fitness workshop that she could host at a local Curves (who sponsors her show). Just my 2 cents that I will take to the bank....

Jillian Michaels' "Maximize Your Life Tour" was a very exhilarating and inspirational event from beginning to end. Much more than a fitness show, Jillian helps kick start your mind and body so that you can "have everything life has to offer."

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To read an in-depth exclusive interview where Jillian discusses all these topics and more, click here.

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