Scoop: ZOO on CBS - Thursday, June 29, 2017

Where ZOO ended last season: A decade ago, the animal population mutated, endangering the human race. The team of Mitch, Jamie, Logan, Dariela, Abe, Clementine and Jackson carried out a daring plan to cure the animals, but the human population was sterilized in the process and Mitch was killed.

Coming up on season three: The year is 2027 and the world has reached a tipping point: as the human population continues to dwindle due to the sterility problem, an equally devastating threat rises in the form of "the hybrids," an army of unstoppable lab-made creatures, focused on destroying mankind.

Although the team has become estranged over the past decade, they are forced to overcome their differences and reunite when they learn that Mitch may be alive. As the planet's future hangs in the balance, the team must race to stop the hybrids and their creator - a shadowy figure with a startling connection to the team's past.

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