Scoop: TODAY, 10/29 - 11/9, 2012 on NBC -

Scoop: TODAY, 10/29 - 11/9, 2012 on NBC -COMING UP ON “TODAY” OCTOBER 29 - NOVEMBER 9, 2012

Monday, October 29 (7-9 a.m.): How to buy a doomsday shelter. A new twist to the hand-me-down wedding dress. Billy Burke on Revolution. Panning for gold at flea markets. Political wives’ style.

(9-10 a.m.): Brene Brown on Daring Greatly. Pumpkin perfection. CNT’s World Best Awards. Today’s Kitchen: Cookfight.

(10-11 a.m.): Billy Burke on Revolution and Twilight. Celeb-inspired looks for kids. Healthy crafting. Texting & driving simulator.

Tuesday, October 30 (7-9 a.m.): The Professionals. Meredith Vieira & Richard Cohen on I Want to Kill The Dog. Kids hire mom as assistants. Spooky Halloween towns. Today’s Kitchen with Ina Garten.

(9-10 a.m.): Financial infidelity. Last-minute Halloween DIY décor ideas. Spooky animals.

(10-11 a.m.): Jennie Garth on The Eleventh Victim. Halloween: Extreme Pumpkin Carving. 7 Weird New Headache Causes. Tuesday’s Trend with Bobbie Thomas. Anita Baker performs live in studio.

Wednesday, October 31 (7-9 a.m.): Halloween on Today.

(9-10 a.m.): Fun finds for Halloween. Halloween entertaining. Giada DeLaurentiis on Today.

(10-11 a.m.): Halloween Haunted Houses. Last minute Halloween snacks for the kids. Crafty cocktails. Halloween animals.

Thursday, November 1 (7-9 a.m.): Daniel Craig talks about Skyfall. Where are the jobs if you are 20? 40? 60? Martha Stewart on Today.

(9-10 a.m.): Today’s Professionals. Glamour Women of the Year. Gerber baby. Chic convertible fashion. Cooking with Giada De Laurentis.

(10-11 a.m.): The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Today. Ambush Makeovers. Thanksgiving traditions. Trading barbells for babies.

Friday, November 2 (7-9 a.m.): Naomi Harris talks about Skyfall. Aerosmith performs live on the plaza.

(9-10 a.m.): Extra Yard: Falcons. Frugal Fridays: Restaurants. Today’s Cooking: Energy-Boosting Foods.

(10-11 a.m.): Naomi Harris talks about Skyfall. How to spy on your kids/babysitter. Love your weekday mornings. Election Night party.

Monday, November 5 (7-9 a.m.): Christina Aguilera talks about The Voice. Famous Warhols go to auction. The best things to buy in November.

(9-10 a.m.): Nathan Turner on Today. When is it okay to…? Approved anti-aging makeup. Cooking with Hung Huynh.

(10-11 a.m.): Christina Aguilera on Today. Democracy Plaza with Sara Haines. How I slept my way to the middle. Gloves, hats, and outerwear. Joy Fit Club.

Tuesday, November 6 (7-9 a.m.): The Professionals. Student council elections.

(9-10 a.m.): Take it off Today: Healthy foods to keep in the pantry, freezer, and fridge. Decorating with a small space. Class of 2020: Running for student council. Beauty trends.

(10-11 a.m.): Awkward tipping scenarios. Parenting in public. Celebrating red, white, and blue. Yoga for long days at the desk.

Wednesday, November 7 (7-9 a.m.): Money in your pocket.

(9-10 a.m.): Steals and deals. Ree Drummond on Charlie and the Christmas Kitty. Health myths. Money 911.

(10-11 a.m.): Hacking. Right ways to accessorize an outfit with jewelry.

Thursday, November 8 (7-9 a.m.): Sir Roger Moore talks about Bond on Bond: Reflections on 50 Years of James Bond Movies.

(9-10 a.m.): The Professionals. How to cut the red tape. Mom fall fashion. Thanksgiving: How To Cook It Well.

(10-11 a.m.): Ambush makeovers. TBD.

Friday, November 9 (7-9 a.m.): What’s new, what’s up, what’s in. Family behind the tree.

(9-10 a.m.): Thanksgiving Décor: Cupcakes & Cashmere. What you can get for… Turning fashion into décor.

(10-11 a.m.): Real reasons you can’t sleep. Executive presence. Multi-generational trips. The truth about 12 healthy foods. Cody Simpson on Today.